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Cheating to get into secondary school

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lupy Sun 09-Mar-08 21:15:34

I have not been offered my first choice school, very dissapointed of course. Another mum at the school has been offered the school I put as 1st choice even though she lives a lot further than the LEA cut off point for that school on 1st march 2008. she must have used a false address to get her place, this makes life very awkward when picking up the children from school.

Maidamess Sun 09-Mar-08 21:16:34

Are you going to report her?

controlfreakyagain Sun 09-Mar-08 21:17:06

shop her. grass her up to lea.

pooodle Sun 09-Mar-08 21:58:27

woah! hold your horses lupy. have you checked the schools admission policy? many have an option for exceptional need, and all have requirement to place SEN children first, which would override distance. do you know the childs circumstances?

it may be that the child was legitimately entitled to a place?

lupy Sun 09-Mar-08 23:54:55

I'm not going to report her because then the child will be the one who suffers. I should get in on the second round hopefully.

idlingabout Mon 10-Mar-08 09:02:11

IF you do know her circumstances and that they do not put her further up the admissions criteria then you have every right to report her. Why should she get away with lying and therefore denying YOUR CHILD a place at the school?

wreckless Thu 24-Jul-08 23:05:01

what do you think of this, a friend told me that somebody at his school who had lied re. using a false address (they actually said they were renting out their house and had moved to another rented house nearer to the school that they wanted their child to go to). The borough were tipped off that they were not actually living at the said address and threatened to withdraw the place. The couple then called the school and told them that they had moved back to their original house as the invisible tenants had moved out and were allowed to keep the place as the house they said they were now living (which they had allways been living at) was within the distance of places that had been given out. Do you think they should be allowed to keep the school place as they had previously commited fraud.

ihatebikerides Fri 25-Jul-08 12:57:10

Wreckless, if it was within the required distance, then why would they have needed to rent somewhere else? And that all sounds a bit 3rd-hand, to me. How can anyone really know what was said by whom to the authority? ANd if they really had moved to the other house, then they weren't technically committing fraud - depends on the wording of the admissions criteria.

wreckles Fri 25-Jul-08 22:23:43

They didn't know their house was within the required distance, there is no catchment, distance goes up to however many places there are. They also didn't move out of their house as many families from the same school who pass their house everyday saw them taking and bringing the children to and from school. So yes they were commiting fraud

nametaken Sat 26-Jul-08 16:12:06

Shop her - why should your child go to a school that isn't as good as the school she lied to get into shock

MarsLady Sat 26-Jul-08 16:21:56

Of course it's entirely possible that she got the place legitimately and also if she didn't and you "shop" her that your child still doesn't get the place because someone else is higher on the list (unless of course you also have information on the rest of the list that makes them less suitable than your child).

I do think that you should be certain of your facts ie not use hearsay or assumptions.

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