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schools in Lichfield area please.

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nickstmoritz Fri 08-Feb-08 09:08:51

Can anyone give me any advice on secondary schools (and Primary) in the Lichfield area. My husband has got a new job near there. In September DD1 will be Y7 DD2 will be Y5 DS will be Y3. DD1 has passed 11+ but are there any state grammar schools there? Thanks, also any suggestions on good not so good places to look for a house. Cheers.

JODIEhavingababy Fri 08-Feb-08 12:14:42


There are Three Schools in Lichfield, all State Comprehensives, King Edwards and The Friary are just about as good as each other (Excellent reports and quite high in leauge tables) and Netherstowe, not so good, but still OK.

Not sure about Primary schools, think they are all OK, but catchment areas are funny and most are full.

Lichfield has alot of lovely areas, but some 'dodgy' ones, but even they aren't that rough. You could try a village, Shenstone's nice, but expensive, Alrewas is lovely, good Primary School, and John Taylor Catchment, Very good Senior school.....

I could go on and on, where about were you thinking?????

jakermaker Mon 30-Aug-10 10:09:48

I am looking in Lichfield area for property would like to know dodgy areas to avoid, I know everyone's opinion is different but it would be good to get your impression of Lichfield.

fitflopqueen Thu 02-Sep-10 21:59:35

Lichfield is very close to Birmingham and there are lots of excellant state grammars there but very competitive, you can contact the schools directly. Also can recommend Arthur Terry school in four oaks - sutton coldfield. Lichfield is fab place to live, we are close to centre - just slightly south west of centre 10 mins walk into town and to station.

EveJai Mon 13-Jun-11 23:18:41

Lichfield is a gorgeous place to live, two gorgeous pools (stowe pool and minster pool) both within the town centre and we'v got lichfield cathedral which is so beautiful to walk around cathedral close (i used to live there)
I now live on 'boley park ws14', its a beautiful and quiet area no troubles or vandals at all. Or the new astate is also nice :-)
The area to keep away from really is 'the dimbles' area, council estate (weston road, curborough rd, dimbles hill, dimbles lane, friday acre, ect ect.) you should see the surrounding area on a map. The houses are cheaper there though but if you have kids I wouldn't recommend that estate..they might get into the wrong crowd.
'beacon street' 'gaia lane' and 'anson avenue' are also great streets..they are outside of the council estate :-) every where else is absolutely fine..and I would highly recomment lichfield to any 1. Beacon park is lovely for sunday or evening walks an great for kids at the weekend with playing park, field,and walks around the trees peaceful.
Its a pleasent town with plenty of friendly locals. Tescos supermarket is huge with aldi just next dr, we have a new shopping retail park on ' eastern avenue' with 'pets at home', 'halfords', 'dreams' +'wicks'.
We have the 'enterprise park' off 'cappers lane' with carpet shops, bathroom retailers, royal mail sorting office, vets, screw fix - DIY warehouse, sign writing company ....and loads more.

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 14-Jun-11 09:24:18

Bishop Vesey Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield?

petal2008 Wed 15-Jun-11 20:58:16

The shopping centre is dire in my opinion with no decent shops, mostly charity shops and opticians. No department stores, no decent clothes shops, terrible. There is nothing to do, no cinema, bowling etc. The nearest place for this is Tamworth or Burton On Trent which have great shops.

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