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Kingshott vs St Chris’s vs St Francis

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Littlepuddleducks Mon 22-Feb-21 21:30:55

We are currently searching for a new home in with Hitchin or Letchworth. Initially we focussed our search on Hitchin but prices have rocketed so we looking at Letchworth too. We have three monkeys, 6 years , 3.5 years and 15 months. Our two oldest will be going into Year 2 (girl) in September and Reception (boy).
Our daughter is very sporty, social and studious so i think would thrive but should I consider St Francis too?
Our son is 3.5 year old summer born boy with lots of energy (thinks he is a dinosaur) and a speech delay but is improving significantly. I think kingshott would be good for them both but thought I should consider St Chris too but i heard mixed reviews about St Chris, which seems like marmite.
Basically without rambling, does anyone have kids in early years and would like to share their view?

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flingingmelon Mon 01-Mar-21 10:30:09

Hi Littlepuddleducks,

Just a quick not to say that I have a summer born in year two at Kingshott ATM and the school is great. We are really pleased with it generally, but also their response to the Covid situation has been excellent. I'm suspect this is the new rule of thumb to work out whether these places are any good or not!

Also I noticed that your son is a summer born. Just to say that we chose to delay our summer born's school entry and Kingshott didn't bat an eyelid. If that's something you are considering it won't be a concern.

Good luck with the move smile

Littlepuddleducks Mon 01-Mar-21 11:44:40

That’s really helpful. Thank you! I really love kingshott and I think it will be a great school. Our kids should be starting mid summer term.

Did you collectively make the decision with kingshott to delay the start or did you just feel it was the best? It’s so hard smile
Also can I ask, are all the kids from different locations or did you find kids nearby to make friends with too?
sorry so many questions!

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flingingmelon Mon 01-Mar-21 13:52:33


We delayed because he just wasn't ready for school, but in hindsight we are so glad we did it.

There are kids from all over north Herts. Plenty locally (hitchin / letchworth) but also Stevenage / Luton / Welwyn and up towards Cambridge, like Royston. We've found it to be super friendly and it's a good mix of people.

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