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Bullerwoods & Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School

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Kerry987 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:06:02

DD1 is considering these schools for six forms. We are also considering Bullerwoods for our youngest daughter to start secondary School. DD1 is academic and currently at an independent school. DD2 is not very academic and needs a school where there is not too much pressure and her love for learning is encouraged, where she feels supported. She loves outdoor and creative activities.

Any advice about these schools will be greatly appreciated.

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PettsWoodParadise Tue 23-Feb-21 02:10:44

Bullers Wood has a very good reputation and does very well with those it takes on. You have to live quite nearby to get a Y7 place, is this for this September? It has both BTEC and A levels so a range of qualifications to study. Whilst it is co-Ed at sixth form it will be heavily weighted with girls by the nature of those staying on.

Chis n Sid i know through a couple of families who are in current Y11, one is moving on as the journey is a nightmare and the other as they never felt it got the most of them.

As you’ve already considered one grammar there are others that do well academically and pastorally but their application dates have closed for September, if it is next year do say what subjects she wants to study and I can make some more recommendations.

Kerry987 Tue 23-Feb-21 11:51:30

Thank you very much PettsWood; that is very helpful.

I am impressed by the number of subjects BullerWoods offers. DD1 Optional GCSEs subject are D&T, Geography and French. She is academic and does well at the other academic subjects too. We do not need to apply for another year though. We do want somewhere that is strong at D&T. I was not raised in England so the whole six form is new to me.

We do not live in the Area but it will be an easy commute for DD1. We will have to move to the area if we want DD2 to get in as well. Trying to decide what is the best for DD2 also as She is not very academic and we do not want somewhere too pushy; we are not sure she will get into the local comprehensive as we are a bit far.

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