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CLSB vs selective grammar

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Asha1211 Mon 22-Feb-21 09:35:31

This has been an unusual year with 11+.. we haven’t been able to visit open days for a few schools. My son has been lucky to get offers. He has an offer from City of London Boys and we hope to get the super selective grammar next week which from a distance preceptive is very close to us. Both schools seem to be academic school but we are trying to decide since independent school has networking/cohort as a big plus. My question is - is networking important at Y7-Y12? What are advantages of choosing an academic independent school vs grammar keeping fees & class size aside? We haven’t been able to go for open days for independent school so in a fix. Any feedback /personal experience on the independent school will be much appreciated.

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GU24Mum Mon 22-Feb-21 10:35:21

Honestly, there is no networking for a Y7....! Also, you're not choosing between an indy and a sink school - you're potentially choosing between an indy and a very selective state school. There are pros and cons of each but they're not all my that different either in lots of ways.

happiestwhenwithfriends Mon 22-Feb-21 12:30:20

For what its worth, I have a friend with one child at CLSB and another at a London grammar and she said that the one at the grammar is not missing out on anything in compared to his brother. It's the commute and cost that's the main difference. And that CLSB has students from all over London compared to the grammar (where the students are spread out but not to the same extent). The idea of networking only really applies to very specific schools in my experience.

jeanne16 Mon 22-Feb-21 13:56:15

Networking benefits from private schools is totally exaggerated. It may have helped 50 years ago but it is pretty worthless now.

ElonanotAlone Mon 22-Feb-21 21:14:53

The lack of open days has been disernable challenge this year. Is the Grammar significantly closer than CLSB? Easier commute? We have friends with sons receiving in Grammars and securing with Oxbridge offers so no apparent disadvantage for prospects. Do you mean social activities or longer term social networks in to University or beyond? Or other types of personal development & enrichment.

Lightsabre Mon 22-Feb-21 21:32:08

City is a great school in a very urban environment. Are sport/grounds important to your ds? If so, the Grammar will offer better opportunities maybe if it has onsite fields? Academic results will be the same if it's a super selective. City may have more extra curricular clubs and smaller classes? It has a wider spread socio economically than other comparable schools so 'old boy' network might not be so strong.

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