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Good schools in south west with strong music dept?

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Looseleaf Sat 20-Feb-21 22:45:20

I would love ideas for our DS as It’s so hard to tell from prospectuses etc .
Excellent Pastoral care would be essential too and co Ed probably suits him best but interested to hear of any good schools.
Thank you!

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Stokey Sun 21-Feb-21 08:03:26

Bryanston? A couple of friends went there on music scholarships, admittedly a long time ago, but they loved it and one went on to play for London philharmonic.

LondonGirl83 Sun 21-Feb-21 08:22:51

Alleyns though getting in isn’t easy.

Teaching is supposed to be as good as at some specialist music schools. Pm me for more details.

Sandysaurus Sun 21-Feb-21 08:31:37

Wells Cathedral School.

Iamsodone Sun 21-Feb-21 12:25:18

Trinity in Croydon has very strong music department, excellent pastoral care, academic but still quite rounded. It’s co-Ed in the sixth form.
Generous bursary and scholarship budget/award too !

reefedsail Sun 21-Feb-21 12:26:37

SW or SW London??

Looseleaf Sun 21-Feb-21 23:01:24

Thank you so much for these replies. (South West not SW London .)
That’s interesting Bryanston has good music, it would make sense geographically for us but I’m not convinced right for DS .

Does anyone know Sherborne?

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Looseleaf Sun 21-Feb-21 23:02:14

I did contact Wells last year but not been able to look round! So hopefully might at some point

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