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FH Regent’s, Queens College, Channing

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ClaireSage Fri 12-Feb-21 15:04:50

Hope everyone is doing well and slightly more at ease now that the 11+ results are in. Big decision ahead!

Unfortunately, DD did not get into her top 2 schools. But she has been accepted to FH Regent’s Park and Queen’s College which is great. She has been waitlisted for Channing.

She really wants Channing. Does anyone know how the waitlist process goes?
Hoping for thoughts and advice on the schools, as well.

Thank you and good luck!

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Justanothergirl19 Fri 12-Feb-21 15:33:58

Hello ClaireSage,
I have always loved Channing so I don’t blame DD for having it as her first choice. We are going to release our place today as we will choose NLCS in the end but I predict quite a bit of movement in the Channing list. I know of at least 4-5 people who will do the same shortly. The school allegedly doesn’t like to be asked where your child is on the waiting list but it stands to reason that, as offers are released, new ones will come up. The headmistress said that they did not over offer by much this year. Best of luck.

ClaireSage Fri 12-Feb-21 16:54:50

Hi @Justanothergirl19

Wow, congratulations on your daughter’s offer to NLCS! Thank you for letting me know about releasing your place at

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to see any campus so we’re somewhat choosing a school blindly!

Do you know what the feedback is on Channing from friends? I know the school has a new headmistress. How is the community, student body, academic and arts department? Are the girls friendly?

Are the grounds nice at Channing? I only have been to Highgate a couple times and it is a beautiful area.

Any feedback on FH Regents? I heard that it’s almost on par with Channing academically now but I could be wrong. I did hear the campus is small. I don’t know what the student body is like either.

I heard Queens College is even smaller than FH Regents.

Info about our daughter. She does well in English and decent in Maths which is why she probably didn’t get into her top 2 schools. She loves Music, Drama, English and a few sports. She’s outgoing but not aggressively so. Friendly and fun to be around.

Any thoughts would be so greatly appreciated. smile

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Potato25 Fri 12-Feb-21 20:52:20

Hi, I went to Queen's College, just over 10 years ago now, but I had the best experience there.

The school itself is quite beautiful (especially the senior library) and full of history. Great central location too. I was able to flourish and it really helped to shape who I am today. It seems to churn out independent and strong young women. Many of my friends from there are doing really well today! Happy to chat openly if you want on here or pm me if you wish.

TomorrowOnce Fri 12-Feb-21 23:07:46

I vote for Queens College!

samqueens Sat 13-Feb-21 14:18:14

Oooo - I’m really interested in any info on queen’s college also... My DD has been offered a place. I’ve really liked all the staff we’ve interacted with during the application process but haven’t been able to see it so any info on recent past or current experiences would be great to hear!

samqueens Sat 13-Feb-21 14:19:19

Sorry @ClaireSage to post and not have any actual advice for you but very many congrats on the offers!

afewtoomanychoices Sat 13-Feb-21 15:38:42

All are lovely schools. Channing is definitely a notch above both, even if FHS Is improving. If she gets an offer from Channing, in my opinion I would definitely accept it. Otherwise if I was in your position and I had QCL and FHS, I think these days I would pick QCL. My elder daughter went to FHS however has left now. It was a lovely school, and she made good friends, however it doesn't compare to other independent schools, especially the ones my other kids went to. We declined QCL at the time as it was less academic, however these days it is on the rise, and I think if the time came around now, I would have picked QCL over FHS.

user1471539018 Sat 13-Feb-21 21:50:46

I am also so interested in the Queens chat as my daughter has been offered a place. And we need to decide between QCL and FHRP.
If you don’t mind me asking *afewtoomanychoices why do you say FH doesn’t compare to other independent schools?

afewtoomanychoices Sat 13-Feb-21 21:54:38

I think its the facilities, yes they use Regents Park of course. I wouldn't say its a bad school of course, and my daughter was happy there. I just wouldn't 'rush' into sending another daughter there as I think there are better options around. But I would never say it's 'bad'! I personally think these days QCL seems to be great

user1471539018 Sat 13-Feb-21 22:20:33

Thanks very much @afewtoomanychoices.
I like the vibe at Queen’s and it does feel like it’s on the up.
Sorry for hijaking your thread @ClaireSage

MajesticWhine Sun 14-Feb-21 10:52:49

DD has been lucky to get offers from FH, QC and Channing. We are still uncertain but we like Channing best. The journey time for DD is the factor that's putting us/her off. FH is a shorter journey. But all other factors favour Channing.

afewtoomanychoices Sun 14-Feb-21 12:01:48

If the journey to Channing will severely impact her day, then I would go for the nearer one. However, if it's doable and it won't exhaust her/ prevent her from doing her homework etc when home, then I would pick Channing out of the 3. Well done to her!

Notcontent Sun 14-Feb-21 12:02:25

I think if your daughter is prepared to work hard she will do well at any of these schools. We chose Channing over FH as ultimately we predated the feel of Channing, it’s easier for my dd to get to and I really didn’t like the FH site.

TomorrowOnce Sun 14-Feb-21 12:32:50

I agree - a girl who is prepared to work hard should do well in any school. Channing is the higher ranked amongst the three, but I do not think any of these schools offer D&T. Why?

I have been posting my reviews of the schools we visited in the past. I contributed to the SW thread and the CLSG/G&L/Highgate/SHHS thread. Here are for these three schools:

Hi all, I have been a long-time lurker in these kinds of threads. We went through the 11+ process last year. I know these threads are helpful. After getting several offers and accepting only one, our DD is settling well. I just would like to comment on the schools, we have seen and visited. We visited quite a bit of schools and made some impressions. You can use the notes below to ask questions when you attend offer holder days. Again, these are my notes from our visits and/or the visits of those close to us.

At the end of the day:
1.Many DDs have multiple offers and they can only go to one and only one school.
2.Unfortunately, many parents will decide based on school’s rankings. A minority will go against this. But remember, location is also very important.
3.Please be nice to your DDs. Don't make them feel like a failure (very important!) because they didn't get to a higher ranked school (or because they were told by not to apply to one).
4.The parents are likely more stressed than their DDs in this process.
5.Keep supporting your DDs!

QCL - Queens College – I really liked the sincerity of the male Head here. He really tried to showcase the QCL girls – their achievements and what is on offer. He loves his staff and their efforts to make their girls happy. The teachers were really keen in knowing the interests of the students (and applicants). They interview everybody. The space is a bit cramped, but they have Regent’s Park. Nice give away during Open Days. Whilst considered as a back-up school for many, it is still oversubscribed.

FHRP –We felt the coldness here as well. When a parent asked what is the one thing that he wanted his students to learn at FHRP, he avoided the question and asked somebody else to answer. Also, of the London independent schools, FHRP had the highest jump in GCSE grades in last year’s fiasco. Why?

Channing – Quite small. My DP and DD did not like the brown uniform. Bad start. The lack of diversity here has been discussed here in MN in the past. Whilst we were there, during an Open Day, a parent asked the (old) Head about the very noticeable lack in cultural diversity, and she justified that there are enough students from mainland Europe who speak various languages. I hope the new Head has a better vision on this. Based on recent threads, the picture is changing at least for the Junior School. And also, for a good girls’ school, there is no D&T. Why?

samqueens Sun 14-Feb-21 13:34:22

Does anyone have any insight as to what it might be like to be a bursary pupil at QCL or a similar school?

user1471539018 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:49:51

Thanks @TomorrowOnce your notes are very helpful. It is difficult as each of the schools are fairly small/cramped. We will likely get a place at Camden School for Girls. So I am also trying to weigh up the cost of a v expensive private school (with limited outdoor facilities and no D and T) versus an excellent state school! I really like the choice of languages on offer at QCL. Lots of thinking to do...

ClaireSage Sun 14-Feb-21 13:59:18

@samqueens Thank you! We are very proud of her.

Thank you for all of your responses. We’re still torn. Again, we haven’t seen the school grounds or watched the students in action.

Thanks @TomorrowOnce for the post! Why is FH Regent’s considered cold? Oh and what’s D&T?

I read on another post that Channing puts most applicants on the waitlist and hardly any no’s. Is this true? We’re hoping our daughter will be moved off the waiting list and offered a place.

But FHRP and QC are also good choices.

How long would you allow DD to commute and what kind of transportation?

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sprinkle81 Sun 14-Feb-21 17:31:28

My daughter is moving up from QCPS to QCL on an academic scholarship. It is a wonderful school with an incredibly nurturing environment. The new headmaster is absolutely ON it and slowly the academic criteria is increasing, not at the detriment of the girls. I believe they want to encourage more and more bursaries for girls who need them as they want to be fully inclusive and accessible to all. Downside is the lack on on site facilities - however they use Regents Park and Paddington Rec

MajesticWhine Sun 14-Feb-21 17:33:13

D&T - design technology

TomorrowOnce Sun 14-Feb-21 17:53:02

Thanks @MajesticWhine - D&T is Design and Technology
It is shocking for me that in these day and age , D&T is not offered in some all girls schools.

Whilst, I sound like a moaner in my reviews, I am just one of many who list schools - sure there are lots of positives in all three schools.

@user1471539018 - I am a big fan of CSG! We were just not in the catchment area. Their music test is something else - and their banding test is a good indication where your DD ranks amongst the population. At the end of it all, you just have to ask yourself why you considered an independent school and why will it matter to you and your DD. Good luck.

MajesticWhine Sun 14-Feb-21 18:11:16

I think I would be tempted to go with Camden if you are lucky enough to get a place. It's a very good school and you can put money aside for other activities and for university in future. We live too far so didn't apply.
Re. travel time, my older DDs had 35-45 minute journeys for secondary school so to my mind this is acceptable.
DD3 will be taking the tube or bus if we go with Channing and it will be about 35 minutes door to door I think.

user1471539018 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:20:04

Thanks @MajesticWhine and @TomorrowOnce: I find it really helpful to hear your views. QCL appeals because of all the languages that it offers - something I know would be brilliant for my DD. But as mentioned, if we opt for CSG, a second language could be something that we supplement outside school - it would be cheaper!
Re commute: I think about 40 mins each way door to door (using public transport) would be about the maximum I would want my DD to do on a daily basis.

TomorrowOnce Sun 14-Feb-21 18:37:08

Do note that the A-level results of CSG are almost the same as some of the London day schools.

Am I wrong to say that some indie girls move to CSG for 6th form? I read this somewhere.

user1471539018 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:46:00

@TomorrowOnce you’re right: the A level results at CSG are v good. And yes a number of independent school kids transfer there to do their A levels. All good things to consider!

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