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Emanuel, Harodian, Ibstock place and Wetherby Senior School

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Defne Tue 02-Feb-21 00:31:47

Hello there, may I have your opinions on these senior schools. My son has just got an acceptance from Wetherby senior school to start at Year 7 in Sep 2021. I would be very thankful if you share your experiences about Wetherby, Emanuel, Harodian and Ibstock place .
Many thanks

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AnotherNewt Tue 02-Feb-21 10:53:09

You've got a bit of a geographical spread there!

Your DS is going to have to make the journey twice a day, so do factor that in. Ibstock is quite awkward on public transport, and the Harrodian not much better. So unless you live in one of the (fairly few) areas that do hook up well, then I'd only choose one of them if there was a very distinct reason to prefer. Because independent travel and mooching around with friends after school is important too.

Emanuel is increasingly popular (active choice, not fallback school these days). Newish head seems to have reassured everyone about academic level, but still a very good all round school. I don't know Wetherby Senior particularly well, bout the only first hand accounts I've heard have been very positive

MrsHGWells Tue 02-Feb-21 11:47:58

All good schools, do you have a preference academically or pastoral care?
Daily logistics and proximity to home would be a primary concern for independence and hours commuting depending school extra curricular activities.

Defne Tue 02-Feb-21 13:05:33

Thank you AnotherNewt. We live in Chelsea. We moved from Turkey to London in 2019, I haven’t got much idea about the schools and the system here until coming here. My daughter goes to Queens College which is very close to Wetherby. My son is not a native speaker, he is a very gentle Maths lover sensitive boy. We applied all these four schools based what we hear from other parents. I always heard very good recommendations about Wetherby. Wetherby senior confirmed his place this week, we are hoping to hear back from the rest of them next week about the outcome of his application. I am trying to familiarise myself with the logistics, due to lockdown we couldn’t visit the schools either. I am very impressed by the whole application process and how it is handled so much professionally by Emanuel. So here I am, trying to manoeuvre things around when the whole results come in.

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Defne Tue 02-Feb-21 13:07:49

Thank you MrsHGWells. I guess I give a big importance to pastoral care, I would be more than happy to see a satisfied purposeful happy boy at home.

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KK12 Tue 23-Feb-21 07:31:44

Any thoughts on Wetherby senior? My son got an offer for Y9 entry in 2021. My only concearn is where they stand academically, I see not so great results and where do boys end up, do they have same opportunity for entry at the top universities or 6th form as from other more academically superior schools.

Hitoyou Wed 24-Feb-21 00:08:02

Wetherby fees are much higher than the other schools you mentioned, almost £5,000 a year more than Emanuel and £4,000 more than Ibstock. They are on a par with Westminster and St Paul’s although don’t have anywhere near the same facilities or academic outcomes. I presume because they are part of a private equity group with debt to service.

cakegoblin Wed 24-Feb-21 00:10:36

God, for an awful second I thought this was a Baby Names thread grin

Stormdennis Wed 24-Feb-21 08:32:39

Harrodian & Ibstock are too far particularly given Hammersmith Bridge is closed. I would not consider those journeys each day.

nylon14 Wed 24-Feb-21 08:44:22

Though it will a decade to properly fix that bridge, for next term, TFL is planning a ferry service for students to cross the Thames and they building a temporary double-decker crossing within its structure.

Both H & I look like lovely well established schools. If travel is a concern, I would ring them to go over travel arrangements with them.

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