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Kingston Grammar School - 6th Form

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Pipandmum Sun 06-Dec-20 08:40:21

I think we have decided against kgs. If it was my son, who is outgoing, sporty, confident and makes friends easily, I would definitely pick KGS over a smaller all boys school (not that he would ever consider a single sex school), but for my daughter i think smaller and single sex is better. Good luck on your decisions!

Sillyb44 Sat 05-Dec-20 12:44:40

Mine also wants co-Ed. I’m thinking of asking if there is any chance of popping in before have to commit with the deposit..

Karmacat Sat 05-Dec-20 11:59:12

Yes she wants co-Ed, which I think would be great for her, she’s very shy around boys and as we love KGS it was the obvious choice. Just wish she could see it.

Pipandmum Sat 05-Dec-20 11:45:05

@Karmacat is it because it is co ed she is thinking of moving?
@Singingrain1223 Francis Holland Sloane Sq. So a completely different kind of school! I think it might better suit her introvert personality as I fear while academically she will do fine at KGS she will get a bit swallowed up as she is not outgoing at all.

Karmacat Sat 05-Dec-20 10:34:02

We got an offer last week too. She is currently at PHS but I also have a child at KGS. It’s so unfortunate that she hasn’t been able to visit KGS and I think that is why she’s still uncertain as to whether to move or not. We are leaving it totally up to her. Difficult decision.

CountessDracula Fri 04-Dec-20 15:02:05

@Pipandmum I've sent you a message!

Singingrain1223 Fri 04-Dec-20 08:43:25

@Pipandmum , what is your other option to KGS?

Pipandmum Fri 04-Dec-20 01:17:54

@CountessDracula if there was time! I do not live on the mainland so a bit of a trek, and decision needs to be done by early next week, and really the value of visiting is meeting the students there and getting the 'vibe'.
Each time I look at the websites and prospectus from each school I think 'that's the one'. Very different schools and my daughter and I are going back and fourth. Ugh. She didn't get an offer from PHS and is very disappointed as she would have accepted.

CountessDracula Thu 03-Dec-20 16:28:00

Couldn't they let you visit on a weekend with masks if you have an offer? Might be worth asking

Sillyb44 Thu 03-Dec-20 15:59:36

Mine is at an all girls school and big part of motivation is to go to co-we. But so hard to decide when cant visit!

Pipandmum Thu 03-Dec-20 12:57:10

@Sycamore74 I hope you got a positive result too - and if so are accepting? We were so focused on the two all girls schools that we visited that KGS was almost an afterthought but my daughter is now worried about going all girls (she's in mixed now). Not helped by currently watching Gossip Girl (which I know the school in it is co-ed but those girls!!)

Pipandmum Wed 02-Dec-20 22:51:17

Good news @Sillyb44. One school wants the deposit by next Tuesday so we can't hang about on the decision. We are waiting for word from PHS, which I thought said Dec 1 but looking at the emails see it says 'early December' for decision letters.

Sillyb44 Tue 01-Dec-20 20:28:22

Yes she got a place. We haven’t been able to visit either which I agree is really difficult. We know someone with a child there who very happy.. we will weigh up with a state option if she gets in and staying where she is.. is hard to decide in mid pandemic!!

Pipandmum Tue 01-Dec-20 20:24:16

I hope it was a positive email @Sillyb44! My daughter got her offer today. She's been accepted at an all girls school too and we are still waiting to hear from one other and it will be hard to decide as we haven't been able to visit kgs, and one thing we have learned from this whole process is how important going to the actual school is. We started last year and made three open days and one personal visit- but not KGS, which we'd planned to do this year. Did anyone manage a visit? What were your impressions? The virtual open day didn't really help.

Sillyb44 Tue 01-Dec-20 14:22:13

My DD had same rather strange experience. Had
To send in pictures of her art book and then had a subject one and an art one. Nothing at all general about why she wanted to go there etc!! We got an email this morning!!

Pipandmum Tue 01-Dec-20 00:55:47

Hi I think the interviews are over now (several days from your post). After so many required submissions for each prospective A level subject we expected that they would choose the one subject not studied at gcse - psychology- for an interview and the requirements were to read some articles and be prepared to debate on some points. But instead she had a general interview and straight after a subject interview on one she had provided not only a marked mock exam but a written up and marked experiment.
What was slightly annoying is we were informed late afternoon for an interview first thing the next day when she already had two others scheduled for a different school.
Anyway I believe decision letters go out this week so good luck!

Karmacat Mon 23-Nov-20 08:26:35

My daughter has a general interview this morning. From the letter it seems that there could be more interviews but we have only been informed of one at this time.

Sycamore74 Fri 20-Nov-20 15:28:22

I feel so strange writing this post. I haven't been on mumsnet in about 10 years, but here I am, creating an account again because I know someone here can more than likely help me. DD has been notified today she has got through to interview to start at KGS for 6th form next Sept. She's been in state school since reception. It's a funny old year, so interviews are being done remotely. The email we've had from the school refers to a schedule of interviews next week, but she has only been given one interview in one subject (her fourth subject). I've obviously emailed the school for a bit of clarity, but is anyone else going through this process at the moment? Is everyone doing just one interview, or, per their emails, might there be more interviews to come?

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