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Berkhamsted entrance exam for year 12

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Parenthood101 Thu 19-Nov-20 10:10:53

DS is applying to Berkhamsted School for year 12 entry. Part of the application is an entrance exam (verbal and non verbal reasoning).

Does anyone have advice on how difficult the Berkhamsted 16+ test might be (similar to 13+ or tougher) and best way to prepare - have been told that you can't really prepare for it, but seems a bit surprising.

Also, there is an interview. Does anyone have a sense as to the likely questions.


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Zodlebud Thu 19-Nov-20 11:57:37

I wouldn’t imagine it would be a tough exam. Certainly no harder than the 11+ or 13+. I have no experience for sixth form entrance but do the other two.

It is a school that makes out it is harder to get a place at than it really is. They will offer straight away to those who ace the tests and then everyone else is put on a waiting list. Put it this way, everyone at our prep who wanted to go there at 11 eventually got a place, including those who didn’t make the grade for the Bucks grammars and those in bottom sets.

They will not let current students who do not get the required number of GCSE grades continue into the sixth form so that frees up additional places. If your son is an elite level sportsman then that would almost guarantee a place (lots of north London academy players in both football and rugby there).

I really wouldn’t be too worried. They are looking for average and above, at least lower down the school.

Parenthood101 Thu 19-Nov-20 12:21:19

Thanks Zodlebud

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PresentingPercy Thu 19-Nov-20 14:37:11

When my DD thought about moving to a more academic school for 6th form the interviewers talked to her about what subjects she was interested in and why. Why that school? What her hobbies were and what her goals were. It was a friendly chat and wasn’t designed to trip her up. They wanted 6xAs at gcse in old money. She did aptitude tests in her chosen subjects.

You can get Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning books so try a few out. I imagine they might be more difficult at 16 plus though! I’m surprised they are using them. I would have thought subject ability was more important for 6th form. I don’t think Berko is very choosy either. Schools always like DC with sport, music or drama as hobbies!

Parenthood101 Thu 19-Nov-20 18:04:09

Thanks PresentingPercy

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