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Sensory issues - misophonia and misokinesia

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Nabu Sat 14-Nov-20 13:38:12

Hi everyone.
We have just found out that our child is suffering with a sensory condition called misophonia and misokinesia. We would like to know if any parents and teachers on here have had to support a young person at school to support their wellbeing and to ensure they have continued access to their education.

We are looking into exam support such as extra time, rest breaks, access to their noise cancelling earphones (can be done with no wifi connection) and a room on their own when being assessed. Have your school managed to facilitate this? Do they allow the young person to wear their noise cancelling headphones in their lessons to demonstrate it is their usual way of working?

Thank you in advance.

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Tomnooktoldmeto Sun 15-Nov-20 14:19:04

Hi Nabu

I have 2 children with both Misophonia and Misokinesia who have been through GCSES and are currently taking A levels

The older one is severely affected and has an EHCP which has allowed her to be educated from home with a funded place at an internet school

Dd has an exam allowance of extra time, breaks with clock stop, a separate room and invigilator. Dd is also permitted to use noise cancelling headphones and also can use music (without lyrics) and or white/pink/brown noise pre recorded on an MP3 player which is checked by the invigilator prior to exam

These allowances were agreed by all the exam boards after we submitted evidence and lasts for 4 years I believe

Our second child is moderately affected, DS doesn’t have an EHCP and attends main stream school still, he receives extra time, breaks and can use headphones, he takes exams in a quieter room and finds he can cope in this environment

If you need anymore information please ask, I was on here a few years ago under another name but haven’t posted for a while. I didn’t want to leave you unanswered as it’s quite a niche problem

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