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Sixth Form at Camden School for Girls

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CamdenQueries Mon 02-Nov-20 08:38:42

Interested to hear about Y12 entrance at this school, what it's like, how many new students start and how big the sixth form catchment area is (not catchment for Y7- I know we wouldn't get in for that)
I don't live near enough to know anyone who goes there, but hoping it might be a 6th form option for DD.

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Mediumred Mon 02-Nov-20 11:58:18

I think kids, both boys and girls, go from quite a wide area. A colleague’s children went for sixth form from Finsbury Park/Stokey way. They were both bright kids but I don’t think the entrance requirements are exceptionally onerous.

foxesandsquirrels Mon 02-Nov-20 12:01:34

Lots of kids from local privates as well as Stokey and Muswell Hill areas. Generally very middle, upper middle class intake with a few from local estates. They used to share some soecialist lessons with Fortismere eg Latin but not sure if that's still a thing.

christinarossetti19 Tue 03-Nov-20 18:55:32

The CSG sixth form has a very different cohort to the main school. Lots of children move from private schools as CSG is classed as in a deprived area, so unis give offers at lower grades (there is a name for this system, but it escapes me).

My friend's dd went there and stopped going part way through Y13 as she hated the ex-private school snobbery. Another friend's dd is there now. She had been in the main school as she lives locally, and had been advised by the school that the sixth for is 'very priviledged' and she might not fit in.

Unfortunately, that is the case and it's awful for her.

GrasswillbeGreener Tue 03-Nov-20 19:32:17

I'm pretty sure that universities are looking at the school GCSEs were taken from as well as the 6th form when assessing deprivation scores.

My nieces are in Stoke Newington; the eldest had the option to start 6th form in CSG and decided against (complicated subject choice issues); the younger is there on a music place.

foxesandsquirrels Tue 03-Nov-20 19:42:01

CSG has long been known to be the private school state destination for 6th form though, way before people were doing it to play the system. Unis looking at 3 years prior to your A Levels is a relatively new thing. Parents choose it for all sorts of things, It makes sense if it gets great results and it's free.
When you take account deprivation, a lot of it is based on FSM in said school too, of which there is a very very small % at CSG.
The lower school isn't much more diverse really, only a handful are from local estates, a lot are siblings of music girls, or girls who live in massive town houses next to the school. It's never been a school of the deprived, in any year.

christinarossetti19 Tue 03-Nov-20 22:02:30

The lower school is much more diverse foxesandsquirrels.

About 1/3 eligible for FSM in the lower school.

The sixth form has fewer than half the number of children classed as 'disadvantaged' compared to Y11 cohort.

christinarossetti19 Tue 03-Nov-20 22:03:23

The lower school is much more diverse foxesandsquirrels.

About 1/3 eligible for FSM in the lower school.

The sixth form has fewer than half the number of children classed as 'disadvantaged' compared to Y11 cohort.

foxesandsquirrels Tue 03-Nov-20 23:49:56

@christinarossetti19 bearing in mind how disadvantaged the immediate area of the school is and the diversity of the other secondaries in that area, I don't believe the lower school is all that deprived. Is it more deprived than the sixth form? Of course. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's in itself a very deprived intake though. Diverse does not equal deprived.

christinarossetti19 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:27:47

Well, believe what you want foxandsquirrels.

36% FSM is higher than the national average but probably lower than Camden overall.

Yes, the lower school has a very different demographic to the sixth form. Previously privately educated children flood in and local children leave to go somewhere less 'privileged'.

That's the experience of children that I know who have been there very recently or who are there now.

And yes I'm fully aware that diverse doesn't equal deprived thanks!

Twoscoreyearsandten Wed 04-Nov-20 11:29:26

Have you looked at what LaSWAP has to offer? This is a consortium of Parliament Hill, William Ellis , la Sainte Union and Ackland Burley and is very impressive. Much better than CSG.

CamdenQueries Thu 05-Nov-20 20:34:20

Thanks all. Food for thought.
I'd not heard of LaSwap but will look into it. Great idea for schools to join forces like that.

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