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Probably a really basic question but relocating in the UK - how does it work?

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orchidsonabudget Sun 01-Nov-20 21:36:32

Just that really. DC is Y8 - how would this work?
How do you find a new school in the new county?

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EduCated Sun 01-Nov-20 22:33:13

Speak to the local authority. If there is a space in a school, you can apply at any time and it should be yours, so theoretically you could apply before moving, but you’d be expected to take the place up fairly quickly. It becomes slightly more complicated if the places you want are full. The LA will offer you a place at the nearest school with a space. They are obliged to offer a school, but not necessarily the one you want. I understand the Fair Access Protocol can be used if all local schools are full/no reasonable offer can be made, but others know more about that than me.

You can go on waiting lists - these are held in accordance with the school’s admissions criteria, so where distance is used, if you apply from previous address you would likely be bottom of the list. You would move up when moving closer, though there may still be others ahead of you on the list. It is best to check with the LA as to what stage of the move you need to be at for your new address to be considered. Again, if offered a place you’d be expected to take it up reasonably quickly.

You can obviously also appeal for any school you apply for and don’t get into, but would need to make the case as you would if you were appealing for a place at a normal point of admissions.

Generally, it’s best to speak to the LA to try and get a feel for the lay of the land and where there may be spaces currently.

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