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Honiton or Sidmouth?

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Tat2010 Tue 27-Oct-20 15:24:32

Hi - really hoping someone can give me some tips please! I’m moving to either Honiton or Sidmouth next year..with my 10 year old. Really hard as no address to put down for one of those secondary schools (Sidmouth College or Honiton CC) as won’t be there til July! Apparently I just need to wait and go on the list??? Also thinking Sidmouth is quite expensive tho do love it so thinking Honiton - hoping it’s a friendly and active town for my son?! Thanks for any advice...

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Malbecfan Wed 28-Oct-20 06:46:15

Sidmouth was oversubscribed last year so the chidden from outlying towns that normally get in did not.

Honiton is the cheaper place to live. The high school wasn't amazing a few years ago when we were looking but we were too far away. There are some places in Honiton which are not very nice.

In your position, I would look at the catchment for Kings in Ottery. It's lovely school with a great Head and reputation (I worked there a few years ago under his predecessor). West Hill is the most expensive place to live but Ottery itself is nice and there are developments in Feniton (also on the Waterloo line which is useful for getting into Exeter or to London slowly).

Tat2010 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:56:57

Thank you so much! I’ll look at Ottery - will need to take another trip down from London! It’s a big thing as have been in London for 30 years! I do want a town as a village (perhaps one day) would be too much of a shock for us at present. Thank you...

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