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‘maths in context’ - Core Maths - thoughts please.

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NotDonna Tue 27-Oct-20 08:54:12

‘maths in context’ is listed on the school website as an option to do alongside A levels but no other info. I’ve no idea if it’s A/S level. It just states if you’re not doing A level maths this ‘extra’ can be studied. I’ve googled ‘maths in context’ and it looks like it’s a level 3 course by Pearson/edexcel. I’ll ask school once they’re back but in the meantime....
Have any of your DCs done this? how hard it is please compared to GCSE & A level? Is it still difficult to get a high grade (as per A level maths) or is it similar to GCSE level but different content?

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Bobbybobbins Tue 27-Oct-20 08:56:40

We do it at my school. It seems to be significantly easier than A level maths as most who do it get A or B grades - and these are kids who did fairly well at GCSE but would struggle with A level maths. Think it's based on real life scenarios etc.

woodlands01 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:26:38

It is not a full A-Level, it is the equivalent of an AS-level.
Very different to A-level Maths, lots of statistics and much less algebra.
Can support other A-level subjects - science, psychology, geography, if student not doing A-level Maths.
It is 'easier' than A-level but not a soft option. My daughter got a 7 at GCSE and ended up with a C grade. But, she was more interested in her other subjects so didn't give it 100%

NotDonna Tue 27-Oct-20 14:06:29

Thank you. DD looking at A level Psychology, Economics and probably History with a view to doing business economics at university. She is ok at maths, on target for a 7 GCSE but definitely not A level maths! She’s wondering if this will be a good option.

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noblegiraffe Tue 27-Oct-20 23:24:01

It’s designed for kids who want/need to keep up with maths alongside their 3 subjects but don’t want to or don’t have the grades for maths A-level. Entry requirements are generally a 4 or 5 so if she’s on track for a 7, she should do well with it.

It will go well with psychology and economics.

NotDonna Tue 27-Oct-20 23:52:52

Thank you @noblegiraffe she’s not a natural mathematician and needs to work hard to get that 7 at gcse. She doesn’t enjoy maths like my eldest so I’m a bit concerned that this may be a bit much or too tricky. Especially as she’d still be wanting an A. She’s emailed a few of the university admissions and they’ve said they don’t have a preference for core maths or EPQ so she’s pondering.

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