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Moving from Abroad During Secondary

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MangoWay17 Wed 21-Oct-20 10:53:17

We are considering a move to the UK from abroad, and are concerned about the timing, given my oldest would be in Year 8 this year. We would prefer to wait one more year, with him starting in Year 10, but I know that is the start of GCSE, would that make things very difficult to start at that point? Should we rush our move to make it back for Year 9?
Also, is there any chance that they would allow us to put him back a grade, because his birthdate is 1 August, so he could jump into Year 9 in 2022/23? There really isn't an issue academically, but I feel like he would do better with an extra year to get used to the UK schooling (we are in Spain now and were in the US prior).

We are looking at Oxfordshire at the moment.
Thank you!

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clary Wed 21-Oct-20 12:52:38

You need to be aware that an increasing number of schools are starting GCSE work in year 9, after choosing options in year 8. I would find out as a priority whether this is (or will be) the case at any preferred schools. If so, I would suggest a move before the start of year 9.

Otherwise, starting at the start of year 10 if that is the start of specific GCSE work is not in itself an issue - except insofar as your son's choices might be limited if too many students have chosen a certain subject. But presumably this could be negotiated with the school.

Be aware also that there may not be a place in a popular school. It's very unusual for students to be in the "wrong" year unless it's a private school, where there may be more flexibility. HTH

MangoWay17 Wed 21-Oct-20 13:48:36

This is very helpful information, thank you!

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burneydenr Wed 21-Oct-20 16:40:42

We moved back to UK from Europe and one of mine went into Year 9. Also had planned to come back a year later but pleased we came back when we did. It was extremely hard (socially rather than academically).

We arrived back in the UK in July and my DC got into the hugely oversubscribed school they go to within a matter of days. It can be stressful at the time but not so bad in hindsight.

If you are planning to come back for start of Year 10 then I would definitely ask about repeating a year. Schools and councils are more accommodating than people like to make out.

ksb76 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:48:06

I moved my two back a couple of years ago - one started into Y10 and one into Y8. Not perfect start points for either (we had no choice), but both have been absolutely fine. The school they are at didn't officially start GCSE syllabus early so my eldest hadn't missed any GCSE content at all. We are in North Oxfordshire if that offers you any reassurance!

1805 Mon 26-Oct-20 14:29:44

If you let us know which area of Oxfordshire you're looking at, we could perhaps advise on which schools start GCSE in year 9 or 10.
Are you looking at state or private?

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