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Grey Coat Hospital School - what's it like?

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Minbadger Wed 30-Sep-20 23:33:45

Hello, I'm confused about Grey Coat. I've heard great things about it but have also read some fairly awful Google reviews, but you can never tell if some of these are posted by a few disgruntled students. I have heard a bit of recurring theme though about the teachers being bad at listening to the kids in sixth form and having favourites. And that it's really strict in a slightly stifling and restrictive way. One review talked about how some subjects have ended up with no teachers at times, and sometimes there are classes of 40 kids with one teacher. I don't know whether to believe this? I've also heard amazing things about the school. Given it's impossible to visit the school at the moment I'm finding the lack of any sort of 'live' virtual open day options frustrating. They've released a nicely produced 15' photo montage to give a taste of "a year in the life of..." but no video message from the Head teacher or anyone else, kids, parents etc in contrast to other schools out there. I wondered about the layout and feel of the school itself because with Covid I can't visit. I've been given the impression it's quite cramped physically with narrow dark corridors and the canteen area leaves a lot to be desired. There are no photos that really show what the school looks like inside classrooms etc, layout.
If anyone has any advice or insight to offer I'd be really grateful!

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FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Oct-20 22:26:50

Hi There Minbadger,

Sadly we're not au fait with this school so can't offer you any pearls of wisdom but we wanted to pop in and give this a bump for you.

Good Luck making your decision.


tigerbear Sun 04-Oct-20 09:01:53

Interested to hear about this too.

MrPanks Sun 04-Oct-20 10:48:37


My DD has just started in Y7, so not sure I can answer your questions as its early days. We went to the open day last year and were really impressed by the then Acting Head, Sandra Young, who is Head of the Lower school. She came across as firm but fair, and spoke a lot about love and the 'family' of school, and very pro young women (as you would expect from an all girls school). My DD loved it. One thing I did like was that on one site they have Y7,8,9 and then the other site is for the older children. This gives the lower school a nice, nurturing feel and not too big a jump from primary. I feel like my DD can still be silly, without the pressure of much older, cooler kids around (she's quite a young 11). She seems happy there so far, has made lots of friends, enjoys the food, likes most of the teachers so far. It is such as shame you cant visit and that they havent included a virtual show round and a Headteacher's talk. I cant comment on the new Head, she only started recently. But Miss Young is still there, so that to me is good news. The school has fantastic results - progress 8 scores are very good, if that sort of thing is important to you. The lower school is in a very old building, so is a bit small in places, but has a very nice feel and character to it. There are some kind of 1980's (I would guess but I dont know), extensions to the main building. There is nice outdoor space, although again, not huge but modern school standards. We know several older girls that go there and they all seem really happy and recommended the school to DD.

Minbadger Tue 06-Oct-20 11:37:09

MrPanks, thanks so much for your reply, it's really helpful. It does sound like a lovely school, and I like the sound of them keeping the lower school bit separate - that must make it a lot less intimidating for the young ones.

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BettieO Wed 07-Oct-20 14:11:41

Hi, my daughter has also just started in year 7 and loves the school. She has made lovely friends and she can not wait to go to school each day. She’s happy so I’m happy.

Minbadger Wed 07-Oct-20 18:10:30

Thanks Bettie for your reply, that's really great to hear. I was also wondering about the geographical mix of kids at Grey Coat. I understand there's quite a range, both from central London (of course, the local catchment) but also other corners of London. We're based in Herne Hill and I'm trying to get a feel for how many girls typically hail from South of the river. Any thoughts on that from anyone?? thanks

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BettieO Wed 07-Oct-20 21:45:51

Hi, there are loads of children from South of the river.

Bodelle Mon 02-Nov-20 01:15:00

Hi all, wondering how many Greycoats current attendees are church places!? We do attend, but have only just moved back to the UK and won't manage the five years in time. Any insights much appreciated 🙏🙏

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