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Any COLF/Reigate Grammar /St Johns L'hed parents? Want an insiders view!

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J33nco Wed 23-Sep-20 14:53:24

We are moving from SW London to surrey - anywhere from haslemere to reigate pending where DS1 gets in to! These 3 schools are at the top of our list and i'd like a 'real' view. Also looking at Churchers Petersfield.

DS1 is pretty academic, at Kew College so high expectations and he's a above average, very diligent, active in the school - drama/creative, not sporty as mildly dyspraxic (but we want to encourage the sport in a safe/comfortable environment) ...

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MrsBeltane Tue 29-Sep-20 11:10:08

My DS finished at St John's this year. He's had a brilliant time at the school. We found it very inclusive and supportive.
He's had some mental health issues and they were very involved with his care.
It's a great mix of academic/sporty/arty children.

ChristopherTracy Tue 29-Sep-20 15:59:43

Those three are very different schools in most peoples eyes. Have you left Epsom off because of the sport aspect? Are you looking for a day school or would you consider weekly?

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