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Tonbridge Grammar or Tunrbidge Wells Grammar Girls School

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Monara Tue 22-Sep-20 09:30:47

Hi There,
I am new to this and desperate...

We are considering moving to Tonbridge or TW depending on the school I am split between TOG and TWGGS. TOG website is not very clear about how many GCSE subjects they need to do and I am not sure of IB either. I know there is the option of moving to another school in sixth form but is that a good option? When they move at sixth form, would that have a negative impact on their extracurricular activities and opportunities?
We need to decide soon as she will be starting secondary school next year. I know TWGGS got a catchment area which change every year. I would really appreciate if someone could advice on the Pros and Cons on the two schools.

Thanks a lot x

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shaddupayouface Thu 24-Sep-20 12:03:05


I used to work at Tonbridge Grammar School many years ago and I'm pretty sure that they only offer IB in the sixth form.

Tonbridge Grammar School is super selective so your daughter would need to not only pass the Kent Test but pass it well. Their cut off varies obviously every year but most girls would score 382 and above.

I'd give the admissions team a call at each school and make sure you have lots of up to date information.

Good luck

Preseli Thu 24-Sep-20 12:35:55

I was a student at TWGGS and wouldn't recommend it. Hardly any pastural care and the faculty only encourage you if you are a naturally high achiever. If you are even slightly out of the ordinary then they don't want to know, and as a result most of my year was in therapy and self harm was rife but ignored. They might have great Ofsted marks but they know when inspectors are going to arrive and make sure that everything is pristine well in advance. The only good things about it was the friends I made and have kept! (one of whom was told by one of the teachers that there wasn't any point in trying to apply for Medicine at university as she wouldn't be good enough - who has since gone on to get top marks in uni studying medicine).

It might be better now but I would be surprised if it has changed much.

I've heard much better things about Tonbridge Grammar, but it is much more difficult to get in as they are oversubscribed and so you have to have very good marks to get in.

In all honesty for Tunbridge Wells you might want to look at Skinners Kent Academy, which used to be T wells high. Their previous reputation was low but they have come along in leaps and bounds and it seems like a great school these days and a lot of parents of my old school friends who have younger children want them to go there instead of TWGGS!

Ifailed Thu 24-Sep-20 12:42:37

I can only say that if the behaviour of the girls at Tonbridge Grammar on their way home is anything to go by, I'd give it a miss. Absolutely no idea about social distancing, clog the pavements in massive groups and the crowds (including those from other schools) outside and inside Tonbridge station at 4pm are terrible.

Monara Sat 26-Sep-20 22:25:16

Thank you all for your comments. its a mix bag. Thanks a lot. x

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SJaneS48 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:42:17

Kent here. I’ve no friends with DC at TWGGS but I have four with DDs at Tonbridge. It’s a great school for academic all rounders. Without exception, my friends are happy with the school and the girls themselves really couldn’t be further from badly behaved. Two I know very well - polite and pretty geeky, possibly a bit older than their years. It is a Super Selective and suits DC who are strong across the board. Entry is very competitive. I’m not sure I’d base a move to catchment on expectation of entry on that basis. But if you do choose Tonbridge & your DD doesn’t get the required high score, Weald is a very decent alternative - DDs 2 Primary friends go there and are doing well. Tonbridge’s secondaries are also pretty decent for Kent too - DH is a anti grammar and DD is a Hillview and doing well.

Of the 2 towns though, TW is the nicest!

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