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Any recent experience of Shrewsbury School / Malvern College / Concord College / Hereford Cathedral School?

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Shadowboy Fri 18-Sep-20 07:57:56

I know The cathedral very well- good reputation; lovely students and they are happy and well rounded. Malvern college is OK a bit pretentious and I’ve found the students tend to be more competitive. I don’t know Shrewsbury well nor Concorde.

I would say though that Malvern and Shrewsbury are about 1.5 hours apart. I used to live in Bridgnorth and would not want to commute to Malvern! Hereford and Shrewsbury would be manageable

MrPickles73 Fri 18-Sep-20 07:49:02

Many thanks cloudberry have PM'd you.

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cloudberry Thu 17-Sep-20 22:48:51

Are you already in the area? Shrewsbury is miles from Malvern and Hereford ......!!

cloudberry Thu 17-Sep-20 22:47:08

Child at Hereford, very pleased. Wouldn’t touch Malvern College with 10ft barge pole . Happy for you to DM me

carrythecan Wed 16-Sep-20 19:59:39

No they don't so we have to take them.

MrPickles73 Wed 16-Sep-20 13:38:04

Many thanks for your messages

carrythecan does Shrewsbury have any transport for day pupils or you all have to get yourselves there?

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carrythecan Wed 16-Sep-20 13:23:11

I have boys who are day pupils at Shrewsbury. They are very happy and we have been pleased with the academic, sports and pastoral side of things. The school is especially good for cricket.

The only criticism I have is that as day boys it can be a bit awkward as the school is very much geared up for boarders. It means very long days, especially if you have a bit of a commute to the school. Also sports & trips etc can be a bit of a logistical headache in terms of getting information of timings etc. Having said that it's not a massive problem.

There is a good mix of pupils, unlike Concorde, which as the previous poster mentioned is very much an International school.

Zodlebud Wed 16-Sep-20 13:06:35

Concord College is mainly international students. So much so they are offering up to 10 needs blind day places to local children to try and get some British kids into the school. It gets exceptionally strong results but with such a large contingent of diligent and hardworking nationalities there, I am not surprised.

I personally wouldn’t chose it for my child if I wanted a local school as you would be in the minority.

Shrewsbury and Malvern have good reputations but I don’t have any further insight I’m afraid.

MrPickles73 Wed 16-Sep-20 08:23:50

We are looking for a school for DS. He is academic (but lazy so needs a rocket up his backside), but very sociable and enjoys and has good aptitude for all ball sports especially cricket.

Due to our location I am thinking Shrewsbury School / Malvern College / Concord College / Hereford Cathedral School. We would prefer day but would go for boarding with the right school.

Does anyone have recent experience of these schools please? Many thanks.

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