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Secondary schools in Bristol

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starryeyed19 Mon 14-Sep-20 17:27:43


I'm looking to move to Bristol within the next year and am looking for a school for my daughter who is in Year 9 currently.

We're moving to the Shirehampton area (BS11) we think if that helps any but any schools to avoid or try for would be much appreciated


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catndogslife Tue 15-Sep-20 17:23:25

The closest state school in BS11 would be St Bedes Catholic College. However you are very unlikely to be offered a place unless you are Catholics!
The other closest state schools would be Bristol Free school, Blaise high School and Oasis Brightstowe. I would say that the Free school is the best option out of these. The other two are schools that aren't particularly great. They would probably have places available though.
There are some very oversubscribed schools that take pupils from across the whole city. They are listed below. I would only recommend applying to one of the lottery admission schools. You only list 3 preferences on the Bristol application form.
1. Bristol Cathedral choir school - small school, city centre location, bus route along Portway - lottery admission. Would help to like music!
2. Colston Girls school - another lottery school but all girls. Use local train to access. Languages specialism.
3. St Mary Redcliffe and Temple school - Church of England faith school (check faith criteria before applying) city centre location near Temple Meads station (and Portway bus route).
You can also apply to schools outside Bristol using the Bristol application form. The closest option would be St Katherines school in Pill and it does take pupils from the Bristol area (I am not sure about transport options to this school).
Hope that's useful.

starryeyed19 Tue 15-Sep-20 17:29:31

That's really useful, thank you!

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catndogslife Wed 16-Sep-20 08:06:50

PS Blaise High school is the new name for Henbury school. It joined an academy chain and was renamed in 2019.

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