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Queen's College London

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doooer101 Sat 12-Sep-20 18:56:18

Always shocked about the lack of comments from current parents' with DD at QCL and then realised that I was part of the problem. I hope I encourage other parents to come forward and to share their experiences too, even if different from mine and my DD.

For those who are thinking about QCL in the future, my DD attends and is very happy. Small cohort of diverse girls from a range of backgrounds and areas of London who all interact very nicely. No known bullying from girls or teachers. Any small issues are dealt with quite swiftly by staff.

Very supportive head teacher in a nice part of the city Could not ask for more. Great for Art and Drama, languages and general academics. All results are improving year on year.

We chose QCL as it came across as an intimate small school; and it is. Every girl is known and as a result my DD's confidence has really increased.

My DD has had some very very supportive teachers who have gone above and beyond and we are really grateful.

Great experiences, trips abroad (in the pre covid world) and central enough to access great culture all over London with relative ease

Negative parts no school sports grounds so if your daughter is into sports then this may not be ideal although they do have access to Paddington Rec which is very well facilitated. Still able to complete with other schools in London

Would prefer if girls wore uniform all the way until yr 11 but the older girls love this. almost like a rights of passage.

Lunches not great according to DD as they encourage healthy eating (good IMO but not according to DD as eerything they like disappears!)

Staff turnover in last couple of years not great which happens a lot in London Schools - so not unique to QCL.

Overall it is a lovely little school and I really hope that more of you consider this for your DD in the future.

Are you a current or former parent with DD at Queens? Or have you visited? I would be really interested to know.

doooer101 - AKA A-no-Z-mum

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Delta1 Sat 12-Sep-20 22:01:38

Former pupil! So just giving you a little bump ;)

HuntingtonHaven18 Sat 12-Sep-20 23:06:26

I am a former pupil too. Loved it there!

MajesticWhine Sat 12-Sep-20 23:13:30

We are applying for DD for next sept, so really helpful to see this - thank you.
It's a shame about the lack of outdoor space,

ChloeDecker Sun 13-Sep-20 09:56:24


We are applying for DD for next sept, so really helpful to see this - thank you.
It's a shame about the lack of outdoor space,

Not a problem when there is the beautiful Regents Park on the doorstep for all PE (and there is outdoor space on site in the form of courtyards type space etc.) grin

Former pupil here and was very happy there, although I went way back when even Year 7s didn’t wear uniform, ha ha!

HuntingtonHaven18 Sun 13-Sep-20 15:02:50

@ChloeDecker 😀. I joined in Year 9 or Class 1 and can remember the freedom of being able to wear jeans every day. After a while, I missed my old uniform as I couldn’t decide what to wear each day!

doooer101 Mon 14-Sep-20 01:11:18

@Delta1 @HuntingtonHaven18 Many thanks for your bumps

@MajesticWhine yes regents park not too far and also Paddington Rec is not far the whole year do PE together and travel by coach. it works well. Good luck.

Any current or very recent parents?

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