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Eton House masters

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pasok1000 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:41:42

I wonder if anyone could share their experience on how they managed to choose the house preference. Also, if looking at Hopgarden, Hawtrey and Godolphin - please is there anyone whose son is currently living in this house and who can share their experience? Thank you so much.

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NeedingCoffee Sat 12-Sep-20 11:07:49

We looked at Godolphin; it wasn’t where we ended up but we liked it very much, including the dame, the HM and the way his family mixed in with the house (though not sure how that has panned out this year). The only downsides seemed to be a lack of outside space and the fact that the house was over 5 floors which is a lot of stairs when you’re altead

NeedingCoffee Sat 12-Sep-20 11:13:49

...urgh, posted too soon... when you’re already busy every moment.
Friends looked at Hopgarden and didn’t gel with the HM, but that’s personal preference.
I would say my main tip would be to go for the HM who appears most interested in your child and what the child likes, rather than the one that is interested in you as parents. Try to time your tours for times the boys will be around and take it as a positive if the HM interrupts talking to you to interact with his boys.
With hindsight I would also ask
- how many sets of siblings do they have, and are there boys coming into your son’s year who have older siblings in the house (a positive as it means the boy and parents are happy)
- what’s their view on parents popping in (in normal times)
The “second time around” parents (we have 3 sets out of 12 boys), have been utterly brilliant in helping us new parents, and all of them raved about the HM and house, which has been really lovely.

pasok1000 Sat 10-Oct-20 12:03:34

NeedingCoffee, please may I ask if what houses did you choose for your DS? please what is your opinion on area - Cotton Hall/ Waynflete vs Hopgarden/ COmmon Lane houses ? Thank you so much

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