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Will Y7s be in different sets for Maths...

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DoingItForTheKid Fri 11-Sep-20 22:26:19

...even with Covid restrictions?

Or will they be taught as a form bubble?

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KihoBebiluPute Sat 12-Sep-20 00:24:05

most schools are defining a bubble as an entire yeargroup precisely so that there can still be ability sets. however I think most schools don't set y7s till at least November, sometimes January.

RedskyAtnight Sat 12-Sep-20 10:54:03

I think it depends on the school. At DC's school they are teaching Y7 in class groups for every subject, so no sets for maths.

Scarby9 Sat 12-Sep-20 11:03:16

It depends on your school.
In ours, each yeargroup is a separate (massive) bubble in their own zone of the school buildings with separate entrance, outside area and lunch place.
The Y7s are staying in their form room for all lessons and teachers are coming to them, EXCEPT for PE, andfor maths - for which they are set.

Meredusoleil Sat 12-Sep-20 11:22:31

My dd's school normally set for Maths, Science and MFL in Y7, but haven't yet afaik.

BlackberrySky Sat 12-Sep-20 11:38:48

It depends on the school and how they are able to implement the restrictions. Our school will be setting in five subjects from January and have the whole of Yr7 as the bubble.

Hersetta427 Sat 12-Sep-20 12:25:01

Ours are in year group bubbles and that year is taught entirely with a block of the school on a particular day so there is so interaction with other years at all. Staggered lunches and they use different canteens and different toilets.

Ours are set in pretty much everything apart from humanities.

Angel2702 Sat 12-Sep-20 12:29:24

Ours have been set in English, maths and science.

RepeatSwan Tue 15-Sep-20 21:15:35

Ours are set for Maths only.

whirlwindwallaby Tue 15-Sep-20 21:28:33

DS is year 10 now but they weren't set for year 7 until after half term they needed time to assess them first. They didn't use SATs as some children are coached by schools and parents much more than others so they are not very accurate.

Noodledoodledoo Tue 15-Sep-20 21:33:55

I've taught in 3 schools, maths teacher. All of them have tried to set for maths as soon as possible.

This year is taking longer as CAT tests weren't done till they started, normally done in July on induction day. Plus we use those with SATS results.

It is very school dependent.

BoudiccaAnn Wed 16-Sep-20 17:24:20

Wondering if schools set for PE as well...?

(Reasonably sporty DC is regretting mediocre bleep tests in primary but what can you do...)

Cocomarine Wed 16-Sep-20 17:29:06

Set for PE? 😳

Emmie12345 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:30:42

Our year 7 is set for maths English science pe

W00t Wed 16-Sep-20 17:32:48

Some schools do need to group for PE- e.g. boy's rugby, can't put tiny ones with enormous ones!

My DC's school doesn't set for any subject in Y7, mine sets for English, maths, and science (loosely). All schools vary.

Love51 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:34:47

Of course small kids can play rugby with big ones, they don't all play the same position.

W00t Wed 16-Sep-20 17:50:04

They separated them at DS's school. In Y5 some boys were already over 5' and 8 stone whereas he and close friends were 4' and 4 stone. They were in separate groupings by sizes.

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