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N5 work

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Rosebud2005 Thu 10-Sep-20 21:06:50

How much home study is expected for a fourth year?

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dementedpixie Thu 10-Sep-20 21:10:35

You might be better posting in Scotsnet. I assume you are talking about National 5s in Scotland

Ecosse Fri 11-Sep-20 11:00:26

I’d expect an S4 student to be doing around 2 hours of study a night during the week (homework and revision) and then 4 hours over the weekend.

dementedpixie Fri 11-Sep-20 11:57:23

Depends on natural ability and if they retain info well. Dd did nothing like what was stated above and got 7 As in her Nat5s. This was her highers year so she didn't get to sit exams and got 4As and a B for them.

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