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missing Child tax credits payment

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djmichelle Thu 03-Sep-20 10:00:52

I informed tax credits that my son was doing the new T Level when he enrolled at college August 20th,and was told my payments would stay the same .The last payment I got on tuesday was only for working tax credits.I have been in touch with them and been given different answers to this from a one off payment would be made within 48 hours ( it wasn't) to it will be sorted by the 8th september.Has anyone else experienced this please ?

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Raggletagglegypsy Thu 03-Sep-20 13:48:28

Yes! And I have posted on a couple of similar threads about this. It is very frustrating and has put me in a difficult financial position. I informed them in good time that my child would be staying on to do A levels. That information did not appear on my account and the child was omitted from my claim on the 1st Sep - so that I only had one child left on and appeared to no longer qualify for a payment. I then added my son back on to the claim again However, I received no payment this week and it simply states that the claim is being processed! I think others are experiencing similar difficulties with the post-16 transition.

Nat6999 Thu 03-Sep-20 17:35:54

I rang up this morning because I hadn't been paid, my rent is paid on a Thursday from my tax credits, good job I have some spare money. Some parents live from payday to payday & haven't got any spare money to manage a missed payment.

StartWhereYouStand Sat 05-Sep-20 10:30:13

This happened to me last year. I updated my child benefit claim online (via HMRC app I think) and it said that would update the tax credits ......but it didn't. When I called to enquire the call centre admitted the system error but just said my next 6 payments would adjust to spread the missing £200 out over the year!!. I wasn't happy with that as I needed the £200 to pay for lids' bus fares, school shoes etc!!

Call centre person spoke to manager but still computer says no. Never do they backdate because 'tax credits are an annualised benefit so they only have to pay over the year'. Grrrr.

I had proof of when and how I had told HMRC (an email or a screen shot or some kind of transaction reference number I think) and since it was clearly an error on their part I raised a complaint via the HMRC website - there's an online form. Lo and behold payment 5 days later!!

So if you have some record of telling them then maybe raise a complaint if you have no luck?

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