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What laptops do your Y9s and above have?

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christinarossetti19 Mon 31-Aug-20 16:53:58

Eldest about to go into Y9. We managed perfectly well with family computer downstairs pre-lock down, and her and I shared my laptop while her brother was using the one downstairs during lock down. Sort of worked as a short-term measure, but not sustainable as I need my laptop for work.

She likes doing her homework in her bedroom and her friends all have laptops/ipads etc in their bedrooms.

Don't want to do this, but do want to buy a reasonable priced laptop with decent storage. She'll need it for homework, bit of tv/youtube, music but not gaming.

Are Chromebooks the way forward and can anyone recommend one?


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schmedz Mon 31-Aug-20 18:52:54

Our Prep school recommends to look for the following as a minimum:
Robust design

4GB RAM or more

USB Type C for charging

Less than 8 seconds to boot up (All Chromebooks pass this test)

8-10 Hour Battery life so that it lasts the entire school day without charging.

There are a few Asus Chromebooks that meet this test - ASUS C204 most basic and there is a touchscreen model, the ASUS C214.

Having a wireless mouse can also be handy and a case is essential!

If you want to pay a bit more, the Acer Aspire 5 should last her a good few years. Currently on offer at Currys for £499. MY DD has an HP pavillion 14 which she loves because it is touchscreen and has backlit keys. And it's a pretty colour. These features are, apparently, important.

Tumbleton Mon 31-Aug-20 19:10:08

DS (about to start Y12) has had an ASUS Chromebook since the beginning of Y10 and plans to continue using it for the next two years. It's lightweight, durable and the charge lasts for several hours. You can get one for less than £200.

imissthesouth Mon 31-Aug-20 19:36:13

Both my kids have macbooks, not because they're spoilt but because they're my old ones. One was mine one was DH. I think they're 2015 models. They play roblox on them and do their school work as they have access to microsoft office. I could buy them windows laptops or chrome books (they're really good for kids as you can't download virus's and other nasties) but it makes more sense to give them my older high spec laptops.

christinarossetti19 Mon 31-Aug-20 19:46:50

Thanks so much all. That's exactly the intel that I was after.

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putthehamsterbackinitscage Mon 31-Aug-20 19:50:57

Consider a refurbished MacBook Air... will definitely do the job, can pick one up for around £450 with warranty and trey are very lightweight to carry around...

christinarossetti19 Mon 31-Aug-20 19:53:48

Thanks. I'm not sure that she'll need to carry it around particularly.

I was thinking of homework/home study if schools lock down again more than carrying it with her in Y9.

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imissthesouth Mon 31-Aug-20 22:16:08

can vouch for macbooks, they'll last you a decade if you look after it properly (don't drop it etc)

teeeeny Tue 01-Sep-20 14:56:52

We got one of these Dell Inspirons from John Lewis at Christmas for £400, but they're £500 now:
I suppose Covid-19 may have pushed up prices.
It's a good laptop. Only issue is now he's going into sixth form he's been told he needs to bring a device to school every day and the laptop is a bit too big and valuable for that. So we've now bought him a small, light, relatively cheap Chromebook to throw in his bag (£175, also from John Lewis).

LondonMischief Thu 03-Sep-20 12:12:08

If it’s only going to stay in her bedroom, you may want to have a look at desktops instead. Easier to use with larger keyboard and mouse. And mine find working at a desk more productive than in bed.

HappySonHappyMum Thu 03-Sep-20 20:35:56

Asus E406MA. The best laptop I have ever purchased, light, powerful, Windows based so no awful Chrome apps to navigate. Daughter has used it throughout lockdown and it's been brilliant - highly recommended.

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