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Best children's bank account

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pippa289 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:42:29

My child starts secondary from September and we are considering to open bank account for him.

Do you know the best bank account for 11 years old? I would like to get him a debit card for shopping in this circumstance. Also, it would be good if both of child and parent can use app to monitor the bank statement.

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Hellohah Fri 28-Aug-20 13:58:59

Nationwide have a child's Flex Account that comes with a Debit Card.

AriettyHomily Fri 28-Aug-20 14:02:25

We use Go Henry, might be a bit young for him thogh.

I'd open a monzo in your name

dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 14:03:05

Mine have santander 123 mini accounts

BlueRabbitWasNaughty Fri 28-Aug-20 14:25:57

Yes, Santander 123 mini - but I think the parent may have to have a Santander account to qualify.

dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 14:46:48

You didn't used to need a parent with an account because I don't have one with them.

sunlight81 Fri 28-Aug-20 14:54:58

Choose the bank which u have a current account with. It makes it so much easier to open and help control as u already bank with them.

pippa289 Fri 28-Aug-20 17:55:59

Thank you for your replies.

Sorry, I should have explained more in details in the initial post. I have HSBC bank account but I need to bring DS to the branch to open his account. I prefer to open the account online if possible.

I am checking all, which you suggested.
Santander 123 mini looks great but parent need to have a Santander account unless children are 13 or older, so I can't apply.

It seems I cannot apply online for Nationwide because I don't have account there.

I've never hear Go Henry but it looks really great. I found it charges £2.99 per month. Do they have any specific features? I will take a look Monzo.

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Watsername Fri 28-Aug-20 18:32:19

I have been very impressed with Metro bank. They are not everywhere in the country, but their opening hours are brilliant and they are very helpful. No charges, and a card for over 11s.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 28-Aug-20 19:26:07

The issue is proof of ID for money laundering despite DD already having a Nationwide account ( a legacy Portman children's account) we still had to attend the branch with her passport to open a flex account.
If you could do it online the fraudsters would open one for a 15/16 year run and small amount of money through for a couple of years and then convert to an adult account and boom away they go.

winterfruit Fri 28-Aug-20 19:35:57

Nationwide flex account is great. It has worked really well for my daughter for last 2 years (opened when she was 11 and she's now 13). You do have to go into a branch but I'm surprised that's not the case with other accounts since money laundering regs seem to require personal verification. Great app so she can see easily her balance and spend and I can log into account too. And easy for me to pay her pocket money/allowance via a monthly online payment from my (different bank) account

dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 19:36:56

I opened my dc's accounts online and I'm sure ds was only 11 at the time (he's 13 now). I had to upload passport photos and proof of address. Didn't need to go in branch at all. It was Santander though and they don't seem to allow it at age 11 now

AbsenceOfBlinkinLight Fri 28-Aug-20 19:42:41

Dd has a Nimbl card as I couldn’t find an account with an app that under 13s could use. I’m going to convert her to a normal current account plus app and debit card when she turns 13, but for now Nimbl works very well. She can use her card to buy online or in shops or if she loses her Zip card, and I can see what she has spent and do an emergency top up if necessary. And it means I don’t have to make sure I have cash to pay her pocket money.

Oblomov20 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:01:52

Nationwide Flex for 11-13 isn't available atm, because it requires a branch appointment and they aren't doing appointments yet. I know this because I rang my branch today and branch manager told me so. He's waiting to hear. Might be September 7th, 11th or 22nd.

MsEllany Sat 29-Aug-20 18:01:24

Mine have Barclays accounts. I’m a Barclays customer so I could open them over a video call, they have the banking app and a debit card. I wanted them to have something completely separate from mine - at secondary age I wanted them to spend without me monitoring (the reality is that they can’t spend anything anyway so it’s not a big deal. They don’t know how to add their details to their Xbox account for example!)

pippa289 Sun 30-Aug-20 18:57:21

Thank you very much for your answers! I will check all banks details.

Also, how much pocket money would be suitable for 11 years old? I am thinking £3-5 per week.

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NotDonna Sun 30-Aug-20 23:29:52


Nationwide Flex for 11-13 isn't available atm, because it requires a branch appointment and they aren't doing appointments yet. I know this because I rang my branch today and branch manager told me so. He's waiting to hear. Might be September 7th, 11th or 22nd.

Exactly the same here.
So I went to Metro Bank with 11yr old DD our passports and proof of address. 30 mins later she has an account and a debit card. Happy Days.

NotDonna Sun 30-Aug-20 23:31:22

I transfer £20 a month.

WishITookLifeSeriously Sun 30-Aug-20 23:36:50

My ds has a HSBC account. He's not usually one for leaving the house but I made him come with me to hand in the forms. He really didn't need to be there. The lady in the bank said so herself. Needless to say he was not impressed!

MintyIguana Mon 31-Aug-20 13:14:02

I need to do the same for my 11 year old. TSB seems to pay best interest. Anyone know if I can walk into a branch to open one? I'll perhaps try calling them rather than turning up...

dementedpixie Mon 31-Aug-20 13:25:36

no i wouldn't just turn up as the appointment will take a bit of time

MintyIguana Mon 31-Aug-20 14:25:44

Ooh I've just seen there is something called Revolut junior. Appears to be a fee free prepaid card that means you can view their transactions etc

Time2change2 Mon 31-Aug-20 14:39:43

All the accounts we have looked into that give you an incentive require a face to face appointment which they arnt doing that the moment! Can’t really find any right now!!

MintyIguana Mon 31-Aug-20 15:27:38

I've applied for Revolut junior. All done in the app and card on its way. It's not a current account but does what we want it to do. Can top up up to £40 per month, control security settings and both parent and child can see transactions etc.

christinarossetti19 Mon 31-Aug-20 18:10:20

I opened a Lloyds one for my dd last year. I had to make an apt at a local branch and have her go in with me.

Not sure how that is working at the moment though.

It's fine. Debit card, no charges etc.

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