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New Forest Secondary Schools

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Cheekyb Mon 24-Aug-20 10:40:26

Hi, we are thinking of taking a leap and moving to the New Forest after living elsewhere for 10 years or so for work. I'm familiar with the area (parents live there and I went to primary there) but wondered about the secondary schooling options? DS will start sept 2022 and DD a couple of years later.

We are mainly looking south of the A31 primarily Brockenhurst/ Sway/ Burley/ Bransgore.

It looks like the secondary options are Priestlands, Arnewood, Highcliffe and Ringwood.

DH went to grammar in Bournemouth - I see they run a bus from Lymington/ New Milton but not sure how realistic it would be for the children to get a place even if they did pass the tests.

Any opinions on the schools would be gratefully received as secondary catchments are a big factor to our search. There is only so much you can get from ofsted reports and open days are obviously not happening at the moment.

Many thanks

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