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Art there any art maybe with textiles knowledge who might be able to help me please?

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GlamGiraffe Mon 24-Aug-20 04:25:19

If you think you might can you pm as I as never see the messages pop up, or you can list me with one of those @ things below.
There might be some wonderful peeps. My brain might be lovely but has been vacated from logic or gone on strike, possibly for an entire sabbatical until my oldest is at uni and my youngest agrees the potty is not a force for evil and will use it enough in order to win the prize of choice(nursery re opening🤣) unfortunsly both too distant for my sanity.
If anyone can maybe help please drop me line (oh it for an art thing!

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ElizabethMainwaring Mon 24-Aug-20 04:43:58

Hi, What do you want help with?
I might be able to help.

0DimSumMum0 Mon 24-Aug-20 06:51:58


I may be able too as well, as I have a Textiles Degree. All be it from over 20 years ago!

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