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A-level Versus BTec level 3 extended Diploma to study Zoology at uni

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soggyweather Thu 20-Aug-20 23:36:10

My DD is 18, has missed a couple of years of schooling due to mental health issues. She has managed to get GCSE Maths and English and just got her L2 Art and Design. She has been offered Biology, Psychology and Art A levels or BTec Extended Diploma Animal Management at the local college. She wants to go onto to study Zoology at University and doesn't know which is the best route to chose. Either can get her into uni and I feel BTech would probably be better for her due to MH problems. She really feels she has missed out on her schooling (she has) and this is her last chance to prove herself, by doing A levels. She also feels that everyone looks down on BTecs. Another issue is that she will be 2 years older than the other A level students. It's a real dilemma and she changes her mind constantly and is getting very stressed about the decision which she has to make in the next week or so. Any advice or similar experiences?

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MadeinBelfast Thu 20-Aug-20 23:45:29

The BTEC may suit her better but I would be cautious. Are you sure she can get into a uni of her choice to do zoology with it? I know some places don't accept it and want the extended diploma in science instead eg Liverpool:
Good luck to get whatever she decides to do.

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