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Relocating to Sevenoaks- need info

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Najla Sat 15-Aug-20 18:43:32


We're considering buying a property in Sevenoaks. We have two available options one in the centre village and the other next to Riverhead primary school.

Can anyone advice what is the best way to get by bus to the Weald of Kent grammar school (Sevenoaks annexe) from both locations.

Many thanks in advance.

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beckymum Mon 17-Aug-20 23:18:34

There are plenty of buses from either location- they go from near the church in Riverhead .
It doesn't need to be a factor in your choice smile

SJaneS48 Tue 18-Aug-20 09:38:56

Sevenoaks is a town not a village. There are plenty of buses going out to Weald from the town centre (the 308 for starters) so if you are not seeing them, look for Trinity not Weald. Trinity is right next to Weald and was built first hence it tends to appear on the timetables, not Weald. I’m not sure from Riverhead (401 in then a change of bus?) but there may very well be direct buses.

If you are moving to Sevenoaks, do bear in mind that your DD might not pass the 11+. If she doesn’t and unless you’re religious you will be stuck with Knole as the alternate State option. To be fair to Knole, it’s done a lot of work to improve its performance and is better than its (poor) local reputation but it’s not the best State school in the area. Wrotham performs a lot better but you’d need to be in catchment area (as it’s a small oversubscribed school) so not central or West Sevenoaks. If she is already Secondary age and taken an in year test for Weald then obviously the above is irrelevant!

Two of DDs closest friends are at Weald Sevenoaks (going in to Year 8, DD is at school in Tonbridge). It’s a small school but both girls really like it & appear to be doing well. The buses that go out to Weald are pretty packed as they carry the Knole & Trinity kids too.

Najla Tue 18-Aug-20 13:12:34

Thank you both for your replies! smile
That was very helpful!

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