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Clapton Girls Academy uniform help!!

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Fruitloops81 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:04:52

Hi there,

In the absence of being able to visit the school in person (recently moved to area plus COVID), I’d really appreciate any advice on uniform from parents of girls who attend CGA - my daughter will be starting in year 7 next month. From what I’ve seen/ordered, the uniform options are broad and quality not so great. We’ve just received a blazer, short sleeve blouses and long sleeve jumper. Here are my questions:
1. Daughter says jumper is too itchy to wear (wool/acrylic mix) - can anyone advise whether this softens after washing? Do most girls wear this jumper or the sleeveless version?
2. Blouses are an awful shape with super wide sleeves but we’re stuck with those (shame they are polyester). Do most girls wear the short or long sleeve blouses (even in winter)?
3. P.E. Trainers - can these be black (with a white sole)?

Any advice would be much appreciated- this is more headache than I had anticipated...

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