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Best state high schools known for good sporting results

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NZmummy2 Wed 12-Aug-20 21:37:43


Can anyone advise me of really good state high schools that put an on emphasis on sport? I’m looking to move to a different area after living in a village in Leicestershire for nearly 13 years. I’m originally from NZ and to be honest, I haven’t enjoyed living where I have at all, for many reasons.
Next year my daughter is due to be starting high school and I feel that this could be the time to move.
Both my kids are very sporty. The eldest (who is going to high school next year) does athletics, horse riding, netball and ballet. My youngest loves football. I’m finding that their current primary school lacks sport and I’m wondering if this a nationwide issue or whether it’s just the particular school they are at.

I would love any advice or information.

Thanks so much. X

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GuyFawkesDay Wed 12-Aug-20 21:42:38

Secondary school tend to offer more and different sport than primary.

Worth checking out websites of local schools where you fancy moving to and seeing what they offer.

Certainly at my school (very standard comp) we do competitive rugby for girls and boys, football for girls and boys, netball, hockey, athletics, dance and cheerleading, cricket, rounders. Clubs for gym, badminton.

Beachcomber74 Thu 13-Aug-20 07:52:16

Which area do you want to move to?

JoJoSM2 Thu 13-Aug-20 08:41:55

The independent sector is the place to be for extensive sports. With state school funding, I wouldn’t expect too much although they will have some options. If you’re looking for state schools, I’d choose somewhere that has a lot of clubs in the area where they can practise and play outside of school.

NZmummy2 Thu 13-Aug-20 09:02:32

Thanks, I don’t have any area in mind. It needs to be less than an hours commute from London due to my husbands work. We enjoy the outdoors, we like eating out. Of course private l would be a wonderful option but at this moment in time, it would be unaffordable to send our two kids there.

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JoJoSM2 Thu 13-Aug-20 09:17:56

Here’s a good list for you.

If you go down the route of somewhere where the area rather than the school offers a lot of sports, you might have better luck in bigger towns or even outer London. You could also look at where things like athletics clubs are to point you to the right places.

JoJoSM2 Thu 13-Aug-20 09:19:41

And maybe look at the independent sector anyway. If your children are excellent athletes and good academically, there will be scholarships and bursaries available.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Thu 13-Aug-20 10:21:42

Like most sporty DCs her age your DD is participating in lots of different things at the moment but this will narrow down over the next couple of years. Ideally she would be at a 13+ prep where all of these interests and more could be accommodated for at school. British state schools are not able to provide this variety of interests, parents who want their DCs to participate in a wide range of events run themselves ragged taking them to the many excellent outside of school clubs etc available. I have a huge respect for parents who do this.

I think you have to accept that horse riding is an outside of school sport. I have DNs who ride competitively and it does become all consuming and it gets very expensive as the DCs get older. My Dsis spent in excess of £100k last year but that included a new horse box. In your DD's case it sounds more like a fun hobby. Similarly ballet is seen more as a drama type hobby than as a sport and could probably be pursued outside of school. That leaves netball and athletics as sports for your DD which are probably available at most schools and football for your DS which again is available at most schools.

You should be aware that DCs at the sportiest private schools in England still belong to sports clubs have to train outside of school as well.

bravefox Thu 13-Aug-20 13:29:02

Do you mean schools with good sporting results or good sporting provision? IME the two can be very different!

Artesia Thu 13-Aug-20 13:32:53

St George’s, Harpenden. Excellent academics, great sports (mainly rugby and lacrosse but others too) and does boarding even though it’s a state school, so you wouldn’t need to move!

Malmontar Thu 13-Aug-20 14:04:49

Have you looked into a sports scholarship at a private? This could be topped up with a bursary if she is as sporty as you're saying.

GuyFawkesDay Thu 13-Aug-20 19:33:46

What standard is your DD at? Is she on high performance programme with a club or county?

sunsalutations Thu 13-Aug-20 19:38:14

Scottish Borders if they are rugby players. Many of the independent schools go on tour there because the standard is so high. Part of the local culture

sunsalutations Thu 13-Aug-20 19:39:55

Scottish Borders also a huge horse riding area - Ian Stark, Scott Brash. Ian Stark has his own stables giving lessons.

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