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French online verb trainers - suggestions please

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bimkom Wed 22-Jul-20 20:14:49

I am looking for suggestions for French online verb trainers for my DD.
My DS did French a couple of years ago, and we found something on line called language-gym, which was great. Very simple, but you chose which verbs and which tense you wanted to practice, and it just threw questions at you. Originally we found it as stand alone, then it disappeared and reappeared on TES.
So I went hunting for it now for DD, and it seems to have moved to whole production (not just a verb trainer), and seems to be a paid operation now (it was free before). I would be prepared to pay something for it, but the cheapest subscription is £100, and is aimed at teachers (it says up to 120 students). Well I only have one DD, and I don't think I want all the other rigamarole they are offering to justify their fee. But with DS we found it so useful to go to spend a bit of time regularly simply on verbs to make sure that if somebody fired a verb and "tu" at him, he could stick in the answer, and it would mark it and give him instantaneous feedback.
We looked at the university of Texas' version, but that is not nearly as good, as it asks you to fill in the full conjugation of the verb, which is less realistic for real life. We want want is the conjugation asked is random, or even better, intelligent, so if you always get the tu form wrong, that is what it asks you more often.
Surely somebody out there has a programme for this? It doesn't feel like it is desparately difficult programming.

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Wed 22-Jul-20 20:24:35

Well not a 'verb trainer' but free on YouTube have you looked at 'Learning French with Alexa', also something like 'Learning with Vincent' Both are good and there a many individual lessons on particular topics. But you may already know this. wink

GymSloth Wed 22-Jul-20 20:28:15

Memrise is quite good. More a vocab trainer than specifically verbs, but I just did a quick search and there appear to be quite a few units to choose from. From memory it does what you want in terms of practising the things you get wrong more often. You can also enter your own lists of words.

bimkom Wed 22-Jul-20 22:26:04

Thanks, we have spent time on Duolingo (including stories) and there is another one she has found which she enjoys. But it is very easy with those to get sidetracked into the more enjoyable parts of language learning (which I am not knocking), and avoid the hard slog of verb conjugation learning which is so key in French. That is why we found language-gym so good for DS. We could say, do five or ten minutes of pure verb focus, get it over with and then move onto the fun stuff for other revision.

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WeAllHaveWings Wed 22-Jul-20 22:29:44

There is an app called VerbSquirt you could try, someone on here recommended. Ds downloaded but dont think he has really used yet.

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