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Y10/11 Summer catch up

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stardustliz Tue 14-Jul-20 11:30:03

My daughter will be going into Y11 in September. She has engaged with home learning but has also missed some deadlines and work. I think she needs a break for a few weeks at the end of term - but after that I think she would benefit from doing some summer catch up work, to fill in gaps and revise, even if just for a day each week. The school haven't given guidance on this (though maybe they will at end if term). Does anyone have any thoughts of how best to spend catch up time? Or has anyone schools sent out any guidance ?Thanks.

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RedskyAtnight Tue 14-Jul-20 11:34:24

I suggested (in non Covid times) that my DS spent some of the summer between Year 10 and Year 11 making sure that his notes were of a good standard and writing/typing up some revision summaries of the topics he'd covered. I think that's probably still a good use of your daughter's time (and will also reveal if there's any topics where she has gaps in her knowledge).

I'd also suggest that having a break is important (though sounds like you're not expecting your daughter to do loads of work!)

CallarMorvern Tue 14-Jul-20 11:59:34

Mine has some GCSEs in Oct/Nov and the whole situation is dire. She has worked so hard over lockdown, but some teachers have been better than others.
We are paying for extra tutoring for her, it's a stretch financially, but I don't know what else we can do. I really feel for the kids who don't have this as an option, it is totally shit.

foamrolling Tue 14-Jul-20 12:03:23

Mine had a wobble last month and had a week off from her work. She has 10 tasks from that week to catch up on which she says she'll do over the summer hols. It's mostly revision and past papers. I'm not planning on getting her to do anything further. She seems to have done more work than most already

TeenPlusTwenties Tue 14-Jul-20 12:59:15

I agree with Red that having revision cards for all topics studied in y10 will help.

noblegiraffe Tue 14-Jul-20 16:37:29

Going over the home learning tasks that were missed would be a good start.

EducatingArti Tue 14-Jul-20 16:39:35

Have a look at the mathsbuster programme from CGP if you want more useful maths practice.

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