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Y7 school bag and shoes

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PotteryLottery Sun 12-Jul-20 22:40:40

DD starts a non-selective girls' school in September.

Do girls have a rucksack or bag?

And do they still buy shoes at Clarks?

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Comefromaway Sun 12-Jul-20 23:21:49

My dd always had a rucksack. She wore Start Rite shoes as they were the only ones that fitted.

Pipandmum Sun 12-Jul-20 23:30:13

Is there a uniform? Maybe there's a required school rucksack or bag. If not, in our school they tend to favour rucksacks. The school has a strict shoe code: no patent or embellishment. The girls themselves decided on ballet flats style (so not with a strap).

fruitpastille Sun 12-Jul-20 23:31:58

Depends on the school but year 7 should be fine with a back pack. I'm getting doc marten shoes probably.

RedskyAtnight Mon 13-Jul-20 07:59:34

Fairly even split of rucksacks and bags here. If the bag she used in Year 6 is generic enough and not too babyish (e.g. not a school branded book bag) it might be an idea to let her keep using that for the first few weeks so she can get a feel for what sort of bag most people have and what is appropriate in terms of size/style etc.

My DD has always worn Clarks shoes. Check your uniform requirements carefully as this is one area that schools can be strict!

PotteryLottery Mon 13-Jul-20 08:48:33

There is a uniform but just colour of shoe specified.

If she wants a bag not a rucksack, where do girls buy these from?

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TeenPlusTwenties Mon 13-Jul-20 08:51:10

Y7s round here tend to have rucksacks (which are better for them anyway). Start with something cheap and not 'childish' and then upgrade when she sees what she wants.

Clarks are OK, either laceups or e.g. their bootleg range.

What she needs partly depends on how she travels to school.

SJaneS48 Mon 13-Jul-20 11:07:56

DD has had a rucksack in Year 7 but wants a big bag next year as apparently all the older girls have them. She’s had Clark shoes this year.

One piece of kit I would recommend is an folder thingy with lots of internal pockets. Very useful for homework!

fruitpastille Mon 13-Jul-20 18:30:00

TKmaxx for a bag. DD is continuing with her navy hype rucksack for now.

wonderpants Mon 13-Jul-20 18:36:05

Kickers here!
Clarks would be so uncool.

Year 7 often start with a rucksack but the girls move to big Primark handbags (full of MAC makeup and Victoria Secret sprays).

Fuebomba0 Mon 13-Jul-20 22:14:43

Rucksack. Puma one was what I had grin iconic but unfortunately didn’t bring me luck confused

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