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Europa school Culham Oxford

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Pieinthesky24 Sat 11-Jul-20 09:12:49

Hello does anyone have any experience of Europa school Culham.
I'm thinking of sending my bilingual son there. He is 15
Thank you in advance

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chocolatorange Sat 11-Jul-20 10:00:58

I have a couple of friends / colleagues with kids there and they are pretty happy - strong community, good standard of education, nice kids. There's a bus that collects from all over including Oxford.
I think it's troublesome times (anyway pre-COVID) with Brexit and funding. They have offered Ebac and my friend said it needs ironing out post Brexit but they probably have a plan by now.

Pieinthesky24 Sat 11-Jul-20 22:30:18

Thanks very much.
Interesting .

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Rainbowshine Sat 11-Jul-20 22:33:50

Pastoral care is a bit hit and miss, neighbours have had some issues with how some bullying was (not) dealt with.

Changemyname18 Sun 12-Jul-20 13:23:45

What year will your 15 year old go into OP? Year 11 transfer is not a great idea, have they been doing GCSE study in year 10? Will this fit in with the Ebac?

Pieinthesky24 Sun 12-Jul-20 14:38:33

He would be starting first year of Baccaleaureate.
We would be coming from France where he has just passed the Brevet.

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bluefoxmug Sun 12-Jul-20 14:43:04

in your case it's probably a good option, providing they have a french stream.
bear in mind that the ebac is pretty tough and diverse academic achievement.

Changemyname18 Sun 12-Jul-20 14:48:25

In that case it would seem to be a far better fit than any uk curriculum school

Pieinthesky24 Sun 12-Jul-20 14:48:57

Thanks Bluefox.
Do you have experience of Europa school by any chance?

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bluefoxmug Sun 12-Jul-20 14:56:49

only in a different country and only up until year 8 (secondary3) unfortunately.
it's very broad and very useful (imo) education.

houselikeashed Mon 13-Jul-20 20:17:53

My friends took one of their dc out, due to severe bullying that was not dealt with. The child that is still there says the school is 'tough' socially, but she can handle it, unlike their sibling.

If you're going into year 11, would it be the European School, or the Europa School? Would it make a difference?

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