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Space School -Feltham

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Mammamilla Tue 07-Jul-20 08:25:37

Hello, is there anyone who has direct or indirect experience of the secondary school Space Studio (in Feltham)? My son has been looking at it with interest but I never heard about it! Thanks in advance for your replies

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mworld Tue 08-Sep-20 11:08:43

Hi, just found this and are in a similar situation, we are looking to move my son and even shift him down a year into year 10. Did you decide on a move?

Mammamilla Tue 08-Sep-20 14:38:13

Hi mworld,

After visiting the school our son felt it was not the right place for him, plus the commuting would have been an issue.
The headteacher was fantastic and there are great potentials there, however, none of us felt confident because: very low number of students and classes (our son is already in a small school - and we find this not being always a positive thing); there are no artistic activities or classes (no drama club, no visual arts); the individual study concept does not work for our son, who needs to be pushed to focus and concentrate; we felt unsure about the school results; the outdoor space is small, though they use a nearby field.
It may be an option for 6th Form, but at the moment our son has decided to carry on until GCSEs in his current school, which is also showing a safer response plan to the current situation (COVID-19).
We really liked the laboratories and the approach to science and geography.
I still advise you to visit the school.
Hope this reply helps.

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mworld Tue 08-Sep-20 16:57:17

Thanks, we had already looked at it and I was on the fence. There are certainly lots of positives for the right child with the small classes etc but yes a bit concerned about the individual study for my son in particular as he needs focus like you say. Thanks for the reply

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