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safe cycle routes to school post lockdown

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JoFlo55 Mon 29-Jun-20 15:21:24

Do you have children (12+) that cycle to school or would do if it was safe to do so? As we emerge from lockdown & people are thinking how to make our streets safer for ALL I am in the midst of research on 'what makes streets that encourage walking & cycling'. Please pass on my details to anyone in the BRISTOL area that can help: [Participants need to give 30-40 mins online or on the phone] NB I am also looking for parents/carers who use buggies/prams (including doubles)

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catndogslife Tue 30-Jun-20 08:37:22

Sustainable school travel plans for most Bristol schools have already been done OP, so no point starting from scratch.
The document is attached []
My DH was school governor at the time at dds primary school. Am not sure if all of the plans have been fully implemented yet, but dds school and many others received funding for new bike and scooter sheds etc

JoFlo55 Sun 05-Jul-20 16:31:15

Thanks the School Travel Plans are useful tools, I have been a primary a school governor in the past in the Bristol area. We found that it was the things that were beyond our control that were most likely to stop children walking or cycling to school. So this research is focusing on the nature of the streets children (and their parents) have to use between home and school. What is the experience of parents and how could those streets become a more encouraging environment for for people on foot or bike? Anyone interesting in help, please send my way.

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