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Watford to Henrietta Barnet

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Aftab Mon 29-Jun-20 14:31:43

Hi am looking to send my dd to Henrietta Barnet. Travel from Watford. What are the school transport options - buses only and how much do they cost. thanks

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My0My Mon 29-Jun-20 20:01:46

Why look at HB when Watford has great schools?

Aftab Mon 29-Jun-20 20:38:02

Thanks but that's not the question. I know a lot of parents have views and opinions as i have seen many threads where they don't answer the question but provide opinions on why the parents asking the question are not picking the right school for convenience.

I am very clear why I have made the choice and need some assistance and views on private school bus transport - which ones and cost please.


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KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 06:56:00

If you were travelling by train you could get the overland from Watford Junction to King's Cross then the Northern Line to Either GG or E.Finch but I see you only want buses.
What is your nearest bus stop?

Judeslife Tue 30-Jun-20 07:04:15

@KaptainKaveman OP's looking for buses provided by HB / other companies that do pick up and drop off specifically for students I think.

KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 07:10:54

The school doesn't provide any transport.

MarchingFrogs Tue 30-Jun-20 07:16:09

I know it isn't the comment you want (there used to be a company called Air Fenella, btw, but I have no idea what the service was / is like, or whether it is still in business, or called the same thing, or, for that matter, operated in Watford), but a lot of people - even those targeting the Holy Grail of HBS - would consider how their DC would get to a school before making the decision to apply..? Or are you looking to see how feasible it would be for 2021 entry?
You could ask the school if they would pass your contact details on to all the other parents of girls currently travelling in from Watford. Bear in mind, though, that if the school's new admissions policy means that increasing numbers of successive years' intakes come from within the local area, this may well affect the viability of private services from further flung places.

My0My Tue 30-Jun-20 08:59:33

Doesn’t the world and his wife look to send DDs to Henrietta Barnet? But from Watford? ? If you have to ask on a forum how to get your DD to a school it really screams this isn’t a great school choice in your circumstance!

KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 09:18:28

The Roam2Rio website says 1hour 37 mins from Watford Junction to GG ( 2 buses) but then you've to factor in waiting times, walking from the bus stops to and from premises and so on. How would any child be able to do after school drama/ sports/ music and so on?

KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 09:19:31

4 hours travel per day OP. Really?

TryAnotherNickname Tue 30-Jun-20 09:20:45

Sounds like a firm decision made entirely at the expense of your daughter’s social life / sleep / extra curricular activities for her entire school career.

Zodlebud Tue 30-Jun-20 09:21:38

I used to live in Watford (close to the Junction) and once a year audited HBS for a week. It would take me an hour and a half each way on public transport. Train into Euston, tube to Golders Green and then a 20 minute walk the other end. It was an extremely unpleasant journey at the best of times and even worse in the rain. Remember your daughter will also be carrying books, sports kit, musical instruments etc.

I don’t think Air Fenella still runs. Unless you are going to drive her there and back, pay for taxis or move close to the Northern line then I honestly wouldn’t do it. Your daughter would hate you for it.

Your only hope would be finding other parents who live locally who could share the cost - but the reality is there aren’t huge numbers of them as the journey from Watford to HBS is just bonkers. You can’t get the information you are seeking because it doesn’t exist.

KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 09:29:10

The school sent out emails warning parents against Air fenella who were apparently very dodgy shock

Aftab Tue 30-Jun-20 09:32:45

@KaptainKaveman thanks for clarifying. @MyOMy sure but that doesn’t change my view as per my earlier message.

@MarchingFrogs that is a great idea re: asking the school to pass on details to other girls. Thanks for the Airfenella tip also.

Any other info on companies that offer bus travel is welcome.

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Zodlebud Tue 30-Jun-20 10:12:16

There are NO bus companies that offer travel to HBS. Parents have to arrange it themselves, usually using local taxi services.

Zodlebud Tue 30-Jun-20 10:15:55

You might want to read this thread about Air Fenella:

KaptainKaveman Tue 30-Jun-20 10:43:05

Out of interest OP does your dd have a place for this September?

coronabeer23 Tue 30-Jun-20 12:10:07

Bus to Edgware, tube to Golders Green and then a walk. You’re totally mad. It’s not such a special place to put her through that journey when watford has amazing schools. She will do just as well at WGGS.

Aftab Tue 30-Jun-20 12:37:14

thanks everyone. "KaptainKaveman my DD does not have a place yet but its one that we will consider applying - entry in 2022. She is in Year 4.

i briefly spoke to a parent whose daughter travels to HB. A few do that she knows. I will be setting up a call with her to understand the logistics. I will post here if i find anything useful.

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Mustbetimeforachange Tue 30-Jun-20 14:34:39

I thought they now had a 3 mile preference area or something? Because they don't like children travelling long distances to get to school.

PatriciaHolm Tue 30-Jun-20 14:44:07

They do now have a 3 mile preference zone, in an attempt to better serve the local areas. Though this year 66 places were offered to girls beyond that.

FelicityPike Tue 30-Jun-20 14:47:15


thanks everyone. "KaptainKaveman my DD does not have a place yet but its one that we will consider applying - entry in 2022. She is in Year 4.

i briefly spoke to a parent whose daughter travels to HB. A few do that she knows. I will be setting up a call with her to understand the logistics. I will post here if i find anything useful.

Then there’s plenty of time to move closer IF she gets in.

3Muses Tue 30-Jun-20 16:22:24

There is a bus that goes from the bus stop near Watford Met. I don't know what company it is but it goes about 7 and get back 4.30ish I think.

Aftab Tue 30-Jun-20 18:39:24

Thanks all. This is really useful. I will need to figure out the bus from Watford met and keep an eye on admission rules as well.

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Moominmammacat Tue 30-Jun-20 20:19:34

And then she needs to get in. What's wrong with Watford Girls?

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