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Warden Park new YR 7 seeking a buddy!

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Napht Wed 24-Jun-20 17:58:11

So to update we ended up accepting Warden Park (not Oathall) as we really loved the feel of Cuckfield and the housing (if we could afford it!) and our super caring son decided he could not care for the animals at OH and see them off to slaughter.

Anyone else here have a son or daughter starting in September? We are just awaiting 'House' and tutor information.

Our son is very newly into Roblox and Minecraft (technology has not been a part of his life till Lockdown!) but really he enjoys the outdoors, some watersports, cycling , athletics, camping, swimming, The Mandolorian and Star Wars and such genre or films, loves reading - presently re-reading Artemis Fowl after watching the newly released film, Read the Eragon series, Percy Jackson's ( again watched the films), Harry Potters etc.

He is very excited by the Sports on offer at WP and the DT subjects.

Maybe you are one of the 20 with a child who does not know anyone else too. I'm sure he will make friends easily but might just be nice to have a face or contact on the first day!

It'd be great to connect with anyone out there and any information on areas to live around the school with great connections for teenage years would be helpful as we will be moving to the area.


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