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SEN in mainstream - transition back to school

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ASChelp Tue 23-Jun-20 19:26:59

DS is in year 7, he has multiple SEN including ASD, ADHD and dyslexia.
DS settled surprisingly well into secondary school.

Since lockdown DS has been rapidly dropping subjects and is not really engaging in school work anymore. Asking him to do anything results in meltdowns and lots of tears, it causes a great deal of anxiety. If he’s allowed to just engage in his own activities he’s very content.

I’m so worried about him going to back to school as he’s really lost his resilience (which took a lot of hard work to build up during his primary school years). I’m worried about how he’ll cope with the sensory overload and the demands places on him.

I spoke to DSs SENCO today and she’s still figuring out what she can put in place for children like DS (there will be a quite a few in a similar situation). Has anyone got any ideas, parents or staff what are your schools putting in place?

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Malmontar Tue 23-Jun-20 19:48:53

I don't have any wise words except a huge hug your way. DD is in y7 and has an EHCP. Up until a couple of weeks ago she was super motivated and did everything. That's completely dwindled and she refuses to even look at Google classroom. I'm letting her do her own projects, as long as it's not involving the computer or Roblox I think they'll be fine.

Valambtine Tue 23-Jun-20 19:53:41

Scroll down this page to "useful links" and you will see some guidance co-produced by speech therapy, ed psychology and camhs in Manchester; I have downloaded it and there's lots of useful stuff for parents and schools and booklets for young people too.

Valambtine Tue 23-Jun-20 19:54:45

Sorry it's "useful info" at the bottom of the page.

scrunchSE18 Tue 23-Jun-20 21:48:35

Like you I was worried when my dd (ASD) said that did not want to ever go back to school. I talked with her senco and she is currently going in to school, working in their learning resource room once a week. Just trying to get her comfortable working there and interacting with support staff (I can dream about her talking to other children). I hope that means things are going to be easier come Sept

KoalasandRabbit Thu 25-Jun-20 16:22:10

I've got a SN child in year 8 (ASD), there's no plan yet as they have no idea when school will reopen to the children yet. At the moment all they know is nothing pre September and they are awaiting guidance for next academic year. My son needs certainty and dislikes change so not much point planning at the moment other than brainstorming for later.

What might help him would be timetable and details of teachers (or the 1 teacher if its a bubble) in advance, all rules and requirements in advance so no surprises. I'm not sure if an early session before everyone is allowed back would help but it's something to consider.

Mine is struggling at the moment and the Senco said engagement levels of Sn kids is very low and he's doing a lot more than most. He throws himself on the floor everyday day and screams, growls, stomps though at least it only last 1-20 minutes then he's OK after though sometimes we get repeats throughout the day. I've done a lot of alternatives and tell school but school still send him messages saying he's not doing enough and record it on his record and he's trying hard for him. There's no adjustment for SN at all and they won't accept any deviation from their work. I do alternatives though as at least he's learning that and he seems to enjoy that but its concerning now especially if this goes on another year which our school say it might.

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