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Cheltenham Secondary School, Pittville or Cleeve School?

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Samzwishlist Wed 10-Jun-20 17:19:33


I managed to move to Cheltenham just before lockdown and was in the process of getting my DD and DS into schools. My DS has now got a place at Holy Trinity School, which I am happy with.

I wanted to know what people thought of Pittville School (with its improving reputation) vs Cleeve School?

My DD (currently in Year 7) has provisionally been given a place at Cleeve, but I have been debating whether I should appeal the decision by Pittville, as it is a lot closer to where we live. Are there many children that travel to Cleeve School from the Fairview area?

I would appreciate any opinions or advise. Thank you wink

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SpottyDragon Thu 11-Jun-20 18:03:15

Hi there,
I live in Cheltenham. I don't have a child in either school but did look round and have friends with children in Pittville school. They are very happy there, the school is small enough for their child not to 'get lost in the system' if you know what I mean. He was the only child from the primary school to go there and settled in very well. I don't know much about Cleeve I'm afraid, just hearsay.
Hope that helps!

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