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Hampton and LEH during Covid

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MGMidget Sun 07-Jun-20 07:33:10

My DS has a place at Hampton and I am considering LEH/LEH Juniors for my DD. Therefore, I am interested to find out from Hampton and LEH/LEH Juniors parents what the online schooling provision has been like and did they give any fees discount? I am assumimg Covid is going to be with us for quite a while so would like to know what to expect in future years from these schools. Feel free to PM me if you prefer. Thanks!

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Singingrain1223 Sun 07-Jun-20 18:42:16

Hampton have been good and a generous fees discount. They are using Teams and have recently set on-line internal exams for the ds and parents evening using video technology. I hear LEH have been ok too and a slightly different fees discount. Surbiton High with their iPad technology already in place have been excellent although their fees discount across the age groups was set by their owner United Learning on a national basis, (it's less than Hampton at Senior level).
Do note if the school closures continue into the Autumn and the Govt furlough scheme is disbanded as expected it very unlikely any private school in the Uk will offer a fees discount. (The 2 are linked).

MGMidget Sun 07-Jun-20 20:01:05

Thanks Singingrain. Good to read they have given a generous fee discount and providing a goid online service. On your more general point, the Furlough scheme shouldnt be the only criteria for a discount, in my view. Our current school have supposedly only saved about 5 per cent from furloughing staff but discount is 20 per cent. Other savings are made too and the issue is also what can be justified for the service being provided, in my view, just as would be the case for other businesses.

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