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Oathall Community College / Lindfield Move

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Napht Tue 02-Jun-20 22:29:32

Hello, Our son is rising 11, Yr 7 in September and has been offered a place at Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath/ Lindfield and we live in London 50 miles away. He has attended a Steiner school from age 3 through to now. We have a dream to live in the country with a view for many years and so visited this school with a farm attached and put in the application not expecting to be offered a place. Then Lockdown happened. School visits cancelled . Housing Market shut down etc.
Because it is a change of education, a move and to an area we have no contacts we are unsure and need to make a decision soon for many reasons.
Does anyone have experience of Oathall? Do they use the farm much? What are the pros and cons of this school?
What areas do people live in to attend Oathall ( no 70/80's homes) we prefer edge of village/countryside view - we like Horsted Keynes, Cuckfield, Lindfield. Any thoughts on getting a quieter life but connected for school journey and teenage years?( we drive to school now 6 miles so not worried about that)
Anyone with children starting in Yr7 (maybe!) in September?

The escape from London is also to be away from a level of crime and drugs - we appreciate no where is drug and crime free but is this just an extension of London or does it feel different/safer? (saw the needle drop in the public loo in Lindfield) Is county lines an issue?

Any thoughts and advice welcome

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dalrympy Thu 04-Jun-20 00:05:39

The farm is used as much as the child wants. They can easily get very involved or swerve it completely.

Lindfield is beautiful, the outskirts would fit the bill (it's very expensive!). Lots of older properties there. It's not very rural though. You would have to go to the smaller villages for that.

I think oathall has a school bus from Horstead Keynes and some of the other villages.

Cuckfield isn't in Oathalls catchment so none of his friends would be local.

MarchingFrogs Thu 04-Jun-20 00:53:53

Cuckfield isn't in Oathalls catchment so none of his friends would be local

If the school is sufficiently undersubscribed that the OP's DS has got a place from 50 miles away (unless the school has a specific criterion higher than 'all other applicants' that he fits?), then surely any DC from just down the road in Cuckfield whose parent put the school on their CAF stood a chance of getting in?

dalrympy Thu 04-Jun-20 01:30:37

Of course Cuckfield children COULD get places if they wanted them. But with Warden Park actually IN Cuckfield, the vast majority of children go there.

I just mean that if he lives in Cuckfield and goes to Oathall, the other kids on his road probably go to a different school.

Napht Mon 08-Jun-20 23:21:20

To add to our dilemma he has been offered a place at Warden Park too! Lucky us to have choices. Oyr sin is attracted to the farm at OH, his Dad to the kindness/ Ofsted at WP.
Where do the teenagers gravitate to from either school?
We visited Victoria Park on Sundaysad and the lovely Ardingly Reservoir.
Its so hard with schools closed to make an informed choice. Anyone with experience of these schools currently?

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Napht Mon 08-Jun-20 23:22:54

Sorry! ** our son!!

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