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So there is a £50mil COVID fund for reopening high streets, is there a fund to help schools?

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MrsFogi Tue 02-Jun-20 10:02:48

It is very clear that my dcs secondary school has no money to make adjustments for social distancing, blending face to face and online learning etc. I see there is a fund to help shops/high streets so wonder if anyone knows if the government plans to make any provision for schools (particularly state ones)?

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Noname99 Tue 02-Jun-20 10:10:18

DfE said that schools will be able to claim all COViD related expenses where schools are not able to fund them out of this years’ budget. We are waiting to find out how/when we can claim the money back

cabbageking Tue 02-Jun-20 10:12:39

Additional funding for schools for just this reason was put in place In April along with extra FSM funding.

cabbageking Tue 02-Jun-20 10:19:20

£3.2 billion

admission Tue 02-Jun-20 12:07:21

Although there is extra funding, there are restriction about what can be claimed, so whilst there have been various comments about everything being funded I suspect that a lot of schools are going to find that their "expenditure" is not covered.
My concern is that schools are only going to discover what is covered well after the money has been spent, so there could be a lot of schools struggling next April or September to set a realistic budget.

MrsFogi Tue 02-Jun-20 21:11:21

Thanks for the responses - I've just taken a look at it here Gov page however it looks very limited in terms of what can be claimed for. I am concerned how on earth schools are going to cope going forward when (potentially) they have some students on site and others learning from home. Our school barely has equipment in the classrooms let alone to cope with trying to do anything "new".

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