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Newstead Wood - advice and questions :)

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cherry777 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:48:27

Hiya - I've seen bundle of negative threads about Newstead. Some of them I can vouch for, some I cannot. I'm happy to answer any questions, and give general advice.

IMO, I can say for 2-3 years Newstead was hell (for me, this is my personal experience. I am not representative of the whole school aura). I felt so behind, and was belittled by many of the teachers just because I was not Newstead standard. If you do not get a A/7... it is shocking in the narrow sense of Newstead. The pressure is immense, but at the end of the day we do get the grades. I severely struggled with my mental health and I truly believe the non-relaxed environment causes breeding of numerous mental health disorders such as eating disorders and depression. I have seen on other threads that there is no mental health support - that is quite wrong, there is (but it isn't always great!). We had a lovely 'mum' as us girls like to think of, but many of us have lost the confidence to confide in her and also other pastoral members due to the lack of communication of contacting parents. Ive known friends who have confounded in engaging in self harm etc, and before they know it their parents are on the phone. Obviously, legally the parents should know, but it would also good for the student to be informed and kept in touch and it just seems like a spring on/attack! No one wants to go home to parents hearing a one sided story, and feeling so so uncomfortable.

However despite this, Newstead is good in many other things. Some of the teachers are incredibly great, but it can be really hit or miss. Despite what I said above, there are some who will willingly listen (produce a box of tissues out of nowhere if need be!) and be available for a good old chat. It just took me a while to find the staff who I could trust, and i love them endlessly. The pressure, as aforementioned, is intense, but it is easy to find a good set of friends who are there to listen when it gets too much.

I'm a bit tired haha, so if you have anything wanted explained a bit more in detail or anything else, drop a pm or reply. This post does seem like a bit of a cofuffle, I am sorry!

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