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Holyport Academy, Maidenhead

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Luffers1972 Thu 21-May-20 17:14:41

Hello we are looking at a potential year 9 girl's place (boarding). Does anyone have a child at the school. Any feedback would be amazing. Thank you

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mumto3little Sat 23-May-20 00:09:20

I am local. Do you mean Holyport College?

It is a small school , so maybe hard to get the information from existing parents.

I went to the open morning last year. The atmosphere was calm and the pastoral care seemed good. The educational quality looked similar with some private schools but offers less academic subjects but they offer lots of extra curriculum. The school doesn't have much facilities compared with big boarding schools but pupils often travel to Eton College or elsewhere for activities, it is not problem. I have never heard negative comments towards the college.

The head says the college intends to send pupils to Russel Group universities, so the six form is academically selective and pupils are not automatically able to go to the six form. As far as I remember, only 60% of children could go internally.

CaroP19 Wed 15-Jul-20 14:09:33

Hi there. I have a few friends with children there and many are taking them out or considering it. The pastoral care was terrible and the headmaster is mostly concerned with results, others I know have been happy but have older children and went because of the previous headmaster. The results are good and I think it is always good to consider what will suit your child but some parents are very unhappy especially with the boarding.

Andante57 Wed 15-Jul-20 14:14:34

some parents are very unhappy especially with the boarding

Presumably they knew it was a boarding school so why did they bother considering it for their children if they were unhappy about that aspect of it?

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