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science gcse

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dayofftomorrow Tue 18-Sep-07 16:27:59

can anyone explain how the science gcse's work. DD1 is in year 10 and has chosen triple science and has been told that if they do well can end up with four gcse passes ie chemistry, physics, biology and core science. I thought core science was just a dip into each of the sciences and was intended for the non=scientists and is the compulsory bit. How can they award a certificate on work that is already covered by the separate sciences or is it just a way of collected points

scienceteacher Thu 20-Sep-07 06:13:53

Seems a bit unethical to do this, I agree. The place I was working last year talked about putting them in for five science GCSEs. It is pretty pointless. If they get five Science GCSEs, they will no doubt do well across the curriculum and will be well in the 5 A-C zone. As for specifics, the Biology/Chemistry/Physics passes will trump the others, making the others completely useless.

duchesse Thu 20-Sep-07 06:20:38

Welcome to the wacky world of league tables. Put the brightest in for something they're sure to do well at, and bob's yer uncle! another pass at C-A*

dayofftomorrow Thu 20-Sep-07 08:48:16

must cost them a fortune in exam fees, I just wonder how they are going to organise all those exam sessions and clashes.

still it looks like the material they are covering is pretty decent (now doing stuff I didn't do till sixth form) and doing the triple in the space of two options

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